This article describes and suggests a practical step-by-step method for fine-art processing, purely seen from an artistic and aesthetic point of view without going into the technical aspects of Photoshop at all, as I firmly believe Photoshop skills shouldn’t be decisive. And I will try to demonstrate that you can actually do with almost no Photoshop knowledge at all to create high-end gallery worthy and award-winning prints.

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Embracing Limitations in Fine Art Photography

Photography and fine-art photography in the digital age, when does photography stop being photography and becomes digital manipulation? What is ‘allowed’ and what isn’t? A deconstruction and an analogy with the evolution of painting and the evolution of analog photography resulting in the recommendation of giving clarity in what has been done in postproduction and anything is allowed.

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BW Artisan Lite Panel

Introducing a FREE, stripped-down version, of the B&W Artisan Pro Panel: BW Artisan Lite. Only subscribers to our newsletter will receive a password for the free download of the panel, including other discounts. The power of this panel is in its subtle and accurate local adjustments. Just select free-form and adjust with the push of a button

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Column: Cliches and authenticity in art

Introducing a new section on my website that I call Column and will be filled with an opinion, current (photography) affairs or just another short thought related to photography. In any case they all only express a personal opinion. I tend to post to this column at least twice a month. I’m kicking off with ‘Cliches and authenticity’.

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Black and White Photography Summer Course

It’s been 4 years ago since I last did an online workshop. Therefore, I’ve decided to do another online workshop this summer. This one-off online workshop will be limited to only 5 students. You can learn anything you want and ask anything you want, as long if it’s related to the art of photography.

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Phase One IQ3 Achromatic 100MP Review

In this review I try out Phase One’s latest digital back: the IQ3 Achromatic 100MP. A camera dedicated to black and white photography, with possible exposure times up to 60 minutes. Included in this review are 100% crops and full resolution images for download.

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