Architectural photography: derivative or fine-art?

Is a photograph of an existing artistic creation, such as a building or sculpture, derivative and can it therefore not be considered fine-art photography? Is it even plagiarism? An analysis and conclusions.


What is creativity? How elusive is it and can we learn creativity? This article tries to describe the creative process and what it really is based on an influential essay of military strategist John R. Boyd and then tries to apply it to the artistic process.
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Interview with Julia Anna Gospodarou

An in-depth interview with multiple award-winning fine-art photographer and architect Julia Anna Gospodarou. We don't talk gear or techniques only art and photography.

Architectural Photography - Real estate and fine art

Architectural photography can roughly be separated in traditional or real estate architectural photography on one hand and fine art architectural photography on the other hand. The difference is a difference in intention of the photographer.

Black and White Photography Summer Course

It’s been 4 years ago since I last did an online workshop. Therefore, I’ve decided to do another online workshop this summer. This one-off online workshop will be limited to only 5 students. You can learn anything you want and ask anything you want, as long if it's related to the art of photography.

Guide to black and white photography 2 - Technical Essentials

Part 2 of the guide to black and white photography: black and white photography technical essentials and an overview of conversion methods with the least amount of interpolations. Recommendations for better black and white photography
Phase One IQ3 Achromatic Amsterdam The Eye

Phase One IQ3 Achromatic 100MP Review

In this review I try out Phase One's latest digital back: the IQ3 Achromatic 100MP. A camera dedicated to black and white photography, with possible exposure times up to 60 minutes. Included in this review are 100% crops and full resolution images for download.


Part 1 of a guide to give some insight in black and white photography and how to create better black and white photographs.

Photography Location Guide 2

In this location guide I discuss how and when to shoot The Salk Institute (located in San Diego) and The Scoop (located in London). I go over vantage points and give my advice on how to photograph these locations.


A new series with short articles on ideas and thoughts, meant to motivate and inspire and improve one’s photographic and artistic abilities.

Advanced split toning techniques

A more advanced and accurate way of creating split tones to a black and white photograph, using luminosity masks and exact color values for complementary tones.

Photography Location Guide

A series on photography locations of my favorite photographs with tips and recommendations on how to access those locations, how and when to shoot it.

Black and White Photography Advanced Tips

People ask me on regularly what my best black and white photography tips are, apart from the more generic tips like I shared them in this article. More specifically they ask: What's the difference between a good and a bad black and white photograph?
Top 5 Photography Books

Top 5 Photography Books

A personal selection of books that are not the typical technical books on photography, some aren't even on photography at all, but have proven to be influential books that have changed how photography as an art form can be approached and thought of.

Photokina 2016 Impressions

With some moderate anticipation I went to the 2016 edition of the Photokina in Cologne, Germany. Moderate, because it’s ‘just gear’. But well manufactured and good looking gear is not only a moral booster but it can also open up creative possibilities you didn’t...

Subjectivism - a fine art photography manifesto

An attempt to demystify and understand the creation of art and fine art photography in particular. A theoretical and practical manifesto to defining, analysing, approaching and creating fine art and other photographs that are considered meaningful. And finally an...

Black and White Quick Adjustments and Conversion panel

New release of Photoshop CC panel for quick black and white adjustments and conversions. Also included are luminosity masks, zone masks and easy access of the most used photoshop functions.

Five Tips For Better Black and White Photographs

No these are not the best tips ever on the Internet like many blogposts are screaming, and pretending, only to see they state that you should shoot in RAW and expose to the right. No, these are just my five personal tips to improve your black and white photographs…

Vienna Black and White Fine art photography workshop

I'm happy to announce that I'll be teaching a black and white fine art photography and long exposure photography workshop for the second time in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria in collaboration with the Lightbox Academy Project team.

Three Secrets to great color fine art photographs

Why do so many people prefer creating fine art images in black and white rather than in color? Do colors distract from the subject, like most people would say, including me in the recent past? Now I would say no, not when color is used thoughtfully and to emphasize the subject.