Limited Edition Prints

Recently I had an exhibition of my architectural work in a gallery in the South of France for which I exhibited 25 fine-art prints, printed by master printer Jeff Gaydash, in close collaboration with me. As a result of this, I'm selling those exhibition prints.

Vision, Visual Styles and Critics in fine-art photography

I haven’t been very active on social media and here on my website for the last six months. Part of my existence as a professional photographer/educator consists not only of actually taking photographs but also of evaluating the work that I try to create and...

Canon 5DSR Long exposure photography test results

Just recently I updated the Complete Guide to Long Exposure photography in an elaborate way. I included some recommended cameras, or in some cases: not recommended cameras for long exposure photography. One of the NOT recommended cameras was the 50MP Canon 5DS/R.

Michael Levin photographer Interview

Michael Levin is a fine-art photographer from Canada who had a major influence on the style of black and white long exposure photography that became very popular in the last decade: minimalistic and very aesthetic black and white photographs from mainly seascapes and landscapes.

Complete Guide To Long Exposure Photography - 2016 Edition

This long exposure photography tutorial is targeted at several levels: beginners will find a complete guide and an extensive step by step explanation what long exposure photography is, what you need and how to do it yourself. The more experienced long exposure...

Long exposure photography quick reference card

Here's the long exposure photography quick reference card with optimal settings for you to download and to print it out. This is designed for beginners, advanced photographers and photography workshop instructors who want to give their students an easy to understand...

Black and White Still life photography

In this article I'll give an example how to approach a black & white still life photograph using my method of post processing. I'll also give insight into my vision that precedes the processing phase. I'm trying to make a case for still life photography to hone your compositional skills.
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Better digital black and white photography printing

The following article on better digital black and white photography printing, is written by guest writer Red Ognita. He's a specialist in creating fine art black and white photographs. Many times in the past I've stated the importance of printing your work...

Photoshop action download long exposure cloud streaks

Because I've been receiving many question, now and in the past, how to create those ethereal looking long exposure streaks of clouds in such a subtle way that they don't look like unnatural beams of light through the sk, I have now created an action set that will...

Top 10 Self Portraits

Everybody is taking selfies these days, but the art of self portraiture has been there for centuries. Van Gogh and Rembrandt were taking "selfies" long before Kim Kardashian and any other living person with a cellphone. And no, they didn't use selfie-sticks...

How to start a photography business

Over the years I’ve received many requests from people asking for some tips and guidelines how to price their work as a photographer and how to set up your photography business. I use the word work in a very broad sense of the word: from usage licenses for their images...

Top 10 Photographers

I’ve compiled a list of famous photographers who have had a decisive influence on photography as an art form as we know it today. I’ve categorized the photographers in several genres that are considered fine art genres. If you're a serious photographer...