Subjectivism – a fine art photography manifesto

An attempt to demystify and understand the creation of art and fine art photography in particular. A theoretical and practical manifesto to defining, analysing, approaching and creating fine art and other photographs that are considered meaningful. And finally an insight to my personal belief that art should communicate a statement, preferably an emotion and that in art, the artist’s intention, the subject matter, matters most: subjectivism.

Black and White Quick Adjustments and Conversion panel

New release of Photoshop CC panel for quick black and white adjustments and conversions. Also included are luminosity masks, zone masks and easy access of the most used photoshop functions.

Five Tips For Better Black and White Photographs

No these are not the best tips ever on the Internet like many blogposts are screaming, and pretending, only to see they state that you should shoot in RAW and expose to the right. No, these are just my five personal tips to improve your black and white photographs…

Three Secrets to great color fine art photographs

Why do so many people prefer creating fine art images in black and white rather than in color? Do colors distract from the subject, like most people would say, including me in the recent past? Now I would say no, not when color is used thoughtfully and to emphasize the subject.