The products on my page may seem a bit overwhelming and confusing, so here’s a brief guide with suggestions.

  • A good starting point for everything related to B&W and fine-art photography is the eBook ‘From Basic to Fine-art‘ that I co-wrote with Julia Anna Gospodarou and it deals on everything related to Black and White, fine-art, long exposure and architectural photography [description book section]
  • If you want to see my B&W workflow and techniques on video then I can recommend the B&W Speed Workflow video [description Video section]
  • If you want to know more on Long exposure photography only, then the video Mastering Long Exposure Photography is recommended [description Video section]
  • The video B&W Long Exposure Masterclass is about my B&W workflow and Long exposure photography but some parts are outdated. A few times a year this B&W Long Exposure Masterclass and Speed Workflow video will be available as a discounted two-pack video and I would recommend this 2-pack instead of buying the Speed Workflow video only when the sale is available [description Video section]
  • If you want to know about my approach on color in fine-art then you could consider this video
  • The B&W fine-art panel is not intended to replace my B&W method as taught in the tutorials/book and can be used without any knowledge of my B&W workflow. It, however, contains several adjustments and presets based on my B&W method [description panel section]
  • My Quick Mask Pro panel is meant to create fast and accurate selections, which is an essential part of my workflow [description panel section]


eBook – From Basics to Fine-Art | Bestselling product

$ 59 | € 49 | £ 39

This 424 page eBook that has been written with co-author Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar and has been released mid 2014, is focused on architectural fine art and long exposure photography, but it also covers black and white photography in general extensively. The book covers the artistic sides of photography, but also the practical and financial aspects. Our B&W processing methods and workflow are analyzed and explained in depth in a practical hands-on way. You can read a preview and reviews on this page or go straight to the Fastspring webshop to purchase the book.


Already considered by many photographers/educators to be one of the best books on B&W fine art photography of the last decade. Read a small collection of the reviews here


424 pages of extensive tutorials covering all aspects of B&W fine art photography, long exposure photography and architectural photography


Elaborate explanation on Joel’s B&W post processing using iSGM2.0 with luminosity masking and Julia’s Photography Drawing as an approach for B&W processing


Practical guideline to finding one’s own vision and a set of rules for what makes a good B&W photograph


An extensive explanation on (en)Visionography, a new thinking and approach towards photography in the digital age, described by its inventor Julia Anna Gospodarou.


Extensive and detailed explanation on long exposure photography and composition techniques.

Photoshop Panels

Quick Mask Pro v1.1 – *PS CC2014 and higher only (including PS CC2018)*

$ 44.90 | € 39.90

Click and mask accurately and faster without a pen or brush

Create intricate base masks within seconds with just a few mouse clicks. Refine your base masks fast, easy and non-destructively using the buttons under Quick Refine Mask. This replaces the traditional, labour intensive, workflow of manually refining your mask using a brush or pen and tablet and zooming in a few hundred percent. To bring out the most delicate parts of your image, like fences, cables, antenna’s or even hair, use Advanced Refine Mask.

**Updated version 1.1**

Shortly after the release of v1.0 we released v1.1 (which was free to download for customers who already purchased v1.0) that is even more accurate with in total 20 additional presets for more precise and effective masking.

Quick Mask Pro v1.1 PS compatibility – *PS CC2014 and higher only*

This panel can only be used on PS CC2014 and higher and will not work on older versions of Photoshop (CS versions).

The easiest way to creating the most accurate masks

Not just a product that promises more than it can deliver, but a product that delivers fast and accurate masking results in a way you don’t expect, using a unique method and algorithm that’s very different and more accurate than conventional Photoshop masking techniques. Based on the personal workflow of award-winning photographer and educator Joel Tjintjelaar and created by himself, for an automated, faster and far more simple execution.

Demo videos

1.Quick Mask Pro overview (features)
2.Quick Mask Pro demo – Quick demo overview
3.Quick Mask Pro demo – The Louvre
4.Quick Mask Pro demo – Flatiron Building
5.Quick Mask Pro demo – Advanced Refinement
6.Quick Mask Pro demo – 100MP Phase One File
7.Quick Mask Pro demo – Masking hair

Why choose this panel?

Every selection tool is based on detecting contrasts or differences in luminance values. Quick Mask Pro can create selections based on luminance levels of just 1 luminance value difference. The secret of this tool is in the automatic creation of base masks based on the histogram, and the tools to refine the base masks using smart fill presets, globally or within a designated area of the image, very accurately.

Skill level

Anyone with basic PS knowledge can use this panel since you don’t need any specific selection/masking technical knowledge.

Unique and advanced proprietary method of masking – click and mask

The ‘engine’ uses a method that’s different from conventional masking methods in Photoshop, and has been developed by award-winning photographer Joel Tjintjelaar for faster and more accurate results in an intuitive and user-friendly way: click and mask, without using a pen or brush.

Low-level skill entry level

Since the heavy lifting is done under the hood, even beginners can create professional masking results.

Instantly accessible basic keys

Quick access buttons to most commonly used tools: Load Selection, Deselect Selection, Delete All Channels, Delete Channel, Delete Layer, Duplicate Layer.

Base Mask

Create a Base Mask depending on the histogram of your image. There are a total of five options: Low Key Studio, Low Key, Low Mid, Mid High and High Key. Each Base Mask preset generates three masks, found under the Channels Panel.

Quick Refine Mask

Refine your mask quickly using the smart selective fill presets under Quick Refine Mask. Simply click a button to refine, instead of spending hours using a brush and tablet.

Advanced Refine Mask

Use Advanced Refine Mask to bring out the most delicate parts of your image. It can reveal and mask details that are hardly visible when looking the photo zoomed in at a few hundred percent.

Luminosity Masks

Under the Luminosity Masks tab you will find presets to create and delete Luminosity Masks. Also included are Half Luminosity Masks.


The most commonly used tools for making masks are found under this tab.

Software requirements and compatibility

This panel is built for Photoshop CC2014 and higher, including Photoshop CC 2018.

What you will get with the panel

1. The panel.
2. Installation instructions manual and video.
3. An accompanying video tutorial of 25 minutes, exclusively made for this panel, with very advanced tips and tricks that will enhance your PS general knowledge.

Black and White Quick Adjustment and conversion Panel for Photoshop CC – New v2.0!

$24.90 | €21.80

New version 2.0 with sliders and 10 new toning presets

New version 2.0 adding sliders for more granular adjustments and 10 all new toning presets for single toning and split-toning based on cinematographic effects. The split-toning presets are no ordinary color tones that have been added, but have been custom built and created differently and in a far more accurate and complicated way than the average split-tones actions or presets, to maintain subtlety and variety in tones in the shadows, mid-tones and highlights. The split-tones presets detect shadows, mid-tones and highlights automatically and generate split-tones in those areas based on complementary or split-complementary color schemes.

The Black and White Fine art Quick Adjustments and Conversion panel for Photoshop CC 2014 and higher doesn’t consist of presets that simply replace features you can also find in Photoshop, unlike most other panels. Except for the Easy Access buttons all presets are custom built presets that consist of a multitude of manual steps and accurate signature curves and level settings to generate Black and White images. Create black and white photographs with a fine-art look and feel, with the click of just a few buttons with this simple and intuitive Photoshop CC 2015 panel. This panel offers the most relevant photoshop actions and the most used tonal adjustments settings in custom built presets. There’s no need to adjust the curves or levels tool yourself. Those accurate settings have been built into the preset buttons. Read more on this panel here, see the short demo video for this panel or the longer full workflow demo or go straight to the Fastspring webstore. Note that the demo videos demonstrate older version 1.0. New demo videos to be added.


Easy to use quick access buttons for your most used commands like Load Selection, Duplicate layer and Delete layer that are always visible, regardless the menu you’re in.


Create 8 light, 8 dark and 3 mid-tone luminosity maks. It is also possible to create 10 tonal zone masks based on Ansel Adams’ zone system.


The following presets are custom built presets, each one of them consisting of a sequence of various custom built and accurate adjustments I apply also in my own black and white workflow.

Fine art subtle | Fine art dramatic | Architecture subtle | Architecture dramatic | Neutral conversion | Low-key conversion | High-key conversion | High Contrast conversion


12 adjustment preset buttons that will extend the tonal range by either adding highlights, shadows or both if the imaged is lacking in shadows or highlights.


Control each preset with the built in slider to fine tune your images with great control.


Apply single or split toning to your images with my custom created toning methods.

Video Tutorials


$ 59

A Fast track to Mastering Long Exposure Photography

In the video tutorial Mastering Long-Exposure Photography, I teach you how I capture award-winning long-exposure images. And also why they appeal to the viewer. This easy to understand tutorial condenses my many years of experience.

I walk you through long-exposure photography step-by-step and also show you the gear I use, as well as lower-priced alternatives.
Everything you need to know is explained in language you can understand so you will feel confident to begin capturing your own great images.
Beyond the basics of long-exposure photography, you’ll also learn my thought process behind capturing my own fine art photographs and how and why long exposure photography and other characteristics of my photography, contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

This comprehensive tutorial on long-exposure photography, produced by filmmaker Armand Dijcks, will help you discover your own talent as a photographer. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced photographer, you will learn how to get the most out of your shots while also avoiding many of the pitfalls.

Included with the tutorial is a beautiful 80 pages eBook that summarises and expands upon the concepts explained in the video.


Instead of going with a very lengthy video tutorial with often redundant visuals and information, we wanted to make every second of the video count and keep the video shorter than an hour, but with more information than in other similar videos with twice the duration or more. And with information that comes straight out of Joel’s artistic toolkit, it’s information you won’t find anywhere else. This video and eBook go beyond learning HOW to do long exposure, it also explains you WHY so you will not only gain a deeper understanding of long exposure photography, but also of its effects on the viewer and the artist.


Renowned cinematographer Armand Dijcks made sure that information is presented in a visually aesthetic and comprehensible way. Animations, beautiful visuals and smart infographics are an integral part of every topic and clarify each topic where possible.


Long exposure photography expert Joel Tjintjelaar developed a method for effective long exposure photography called 5MF8 that has as objective to shoot long exposures with times of around 5 minutes and at around f/8 with just two filters in any given situation under any type of weather. Joel will explain the various effects of specific long exposure times on objects and on water and clouds, and how specific looks can be achieved with many examples.


Joel explains what gear you need and what is recommended.


The information presented in the video is also covered in the accompanying 80 pages eBook as concise summaries with many additional charts, example images and other beautiful illustrations to clearly describe the effects at specific settings. But the eBook is more than just a summary of the video: additional information is presented in the eBook that isn’t covered in the video or anywhere else. Additional topics such as:

  • What is fine art photography and how to create it’
  • ‘How and why long exposure can contribute to the creation of fine art
  • Composition techniques for architectural photography‘ that go beyond the obligatory Rules of Thirds and advocates new composition approaches for architecture like:
  • The maximum point of perspective‘, based on perspective and the deliberate distortion and exaggeration of it to enhance aesthetics
  • An extensive case study with the Chrysler Building image, and how Art-Deco visual styling and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis poster determined the post-processing of the Chrysler photo.

Free action set for Photoshop for quick creation of luminosity masks with a short explanation.

2-video pack: Long Exposure + B&W Workflow 5hrs

$130 | €80

B&W Masterclass 2-VIDEO PACK: B&W Long Exposure Masterclass + B&W Speed Workflow videos

Learn all about Long exposure photography and advanced digital Black and White post processing methods for award winning photographs from the expert. Now you can buy both the Black and White Long Exposure Masterclass video tutorial and the Black and White Speed Workflow video tutorial, with almost 5 hours video in total. See for more information the individual video information in this section or go straight to the Fastspring webshop to purchase the bundle.

B&W Speed workflow 3.5 hrs video

$ 49.95 | €39.95
Note the deal for the 2-video pack for a lower bundle price!

Note that if you consider purchasing this video, this video plus the Long Exposure Masterclass are now available as a 2-video pack for a lower bundle price!

The B&W Speed workflow released late 2014, is an add-on to the previous B&W Masterclass video tutorial, for learning a black and white post processing method, that is in use now by many award-wining black and white photographers. The video can also be used as a standalone video, without needing the previous B&W masterclass video tutorial. This B&W Speed workflow will help you develop the skills needed to create award winning B&W fine art images in a faster and also more controlled and subtle way than in my older workflow, called iSGM2.0. Click here to view the detailed table of contents of this video. Click here to read more on this video tutorial or go straight to the Fastspring webshop to purchase the video tutorial.

B&W Long Exposure Masterclass 2.5 hrs video

$ 99 | € 59
Note the deal for the 2-video pack for a lower bundle price!

Note that if you consider purchasing this video, the B&W Speed Workflow and this video are now limitedly available as a 2-video pack for a lower bundle price!

The Black and White Long exposure Masterclass Video tutorial created in association with (world’s largest WebTV about photography) has been released in May 2013 and is my first video tutorial series. This video tutorial will guide you step-by-step through my digital Black and White workflow using my own self developed method of iterative Selective Gradient Masking or iSGM. A method that is now used by many award-winning black and white photographers all over the world. At the same time I will give you a look at how I approach architectural and landscape photography using Long exposure techniques out in the field. Read more on this video tutorial here or scroll down this page to read a selection of testimonials on the video. You can buy the video tutorial online at the Fastspring webshop.

Fine Art Color + Exploring Vision 5hrs

Fine art color workflow bundle

$ 89

This bundle contains both the Fine Art Color Workflow and Exploring Vision tutorials by Joel Tjintjelaar. In Fine Art Color Workflow, Joel walks you through his workflow for creating sophisticated fine art images in color. Starting with a RAW image, Joel shows you his signature color workflow, and how you can apply it to your own work. Included with the tutorial are Joel’s Luminosity mask action set and a PDF Quick Guide with additional information. In Exploring Vision, Joel will take you through his creative process and will help you bring your photography to the next level.

Fine Art Color Workflow 2hrs video

Fine Art Color Workflow Video

$ 59

The second video produced in collaboration with cinematographer Armand Dijcks and released in November 2015. Based on my well known Black and White post processing workflow, extensively covered in other videos, I have spent the past year developing my own personal way of processing color images inspired by the often limited color palettes of old master painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer and fine-art photographers like David Burdeny. In this new video tutorial, I’m sharing my fine art color workflow for the first time to the public. Read more on this video here or go straight to the Fastspring webshop to purchase the video.

Exploring Vision 3 hrs video

Exploring Vision

$ 79

A video produced in collaboration with cinematographer Armand Dijcks and released in 2014. This tutorial goes beyond covering technique. It teaches you how to think about your photography in a different way, while providing many practical tips and insights on how to develop a vision for your images and how to translate that vision into the final product. This way of working will help you create consistently great images. Read more on this video here or go straight to the Fastspring webshop to purchase the video.

ND Filters

Starting from various prices
Permanent discount: 10% off on all F-H items with code BWVISION10

The REVISED Formatt-Hitech “Firecrest Long Exposure Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition” kit#1 and kit#2, featuring the brand new Firecrest ND filters and New Filter Holder light leakage proof set with integrated polarizer filter. These filters are extremely neutral and ultra thin. With the new 13- and 16-stops ND filters, stacking filters is no longer needed – effectively eleminating vignetting problems. There are two kits, each containing three filters. Kit#1 comes with a ND 0.9 (3 stops), ND 2.4 (6 stops) and a ND 3.0 (10 stops). And kit#2 comes with a ND 3.0 (10 stops), ND 3.9 (13 stops) and a ND 4.8 (16 stops). Both kits are available in either circular or rectangular format. The rectangular kit comes also with the new filter-holder (light-leakage proof with end-caps) and integrated polarizer filter. For more info on the signature edition kits, click here

Firecrest technology

Advanced Firecrest multicoating technology results in hyper neutral ND filters, the most neutral ND filters available on the market today.

3-16 stops

Filters are available in 3, 6, 9, 10, 13 and 16 stops, the first 16 stops ND filter on the market.

Ultra Slim

The circular Firecrest ND filters are so thin, vignetting is no problem when stacking filters. They’re also ultra light and portable.

Circular and rectangular

The new Firecrest filters are available as circular ultra slim filters or rectangular filters.


Read the independent reviews on the Firecrest filters here

The JT Signature Edtion Box

Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition Rectangular FiltersJoel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition Circular Filters

Images shot with Formatt Hitech Filters

Salk Institute La Jolla San Diego CaliforniaColosseum Rome ItalyEmpire State Building New York City

Testimonials for the eBook From Basics to Fine Art

A small impression of all testimonials received after publishing the eBook.

“Outside of Ansel Adams’ Basic Photo Series, From Basic to Fine Art, by Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou, is the best book on B&W photography written in the last 40 years.”  (…) “The importance of the book is reached in Julia’s and Joel’s abilities to blend the practice of classical form and content in vision and tech­nique, so that Form is Content.  While others claim to have achieved this state of aesthetic grace, this is the first time I have seen it acc­omplished with great skill and with a brilliant explanation of how to get there.”  (…) “

George DeWolfePhotographer/Educator

In today’s humankind ever-increasing urge for homogenization and uniformity, Joel and Julia stand out. Joel is the modern equivalent of what Ansel Adams did for black & white photography in the film era, always exploring new horizons, new techniques, and new frontiers to explore. Julia Anna, on the other hand, is the chimera of Imogen Cunningham and Vivian Maier, merging one of the sharpest eyes in the art world with the artistic flair to make every image canvas come alive.”

Dr. Charles AzzopardiOncologist and Fine art photographer

If Barnbaum was the bible of Black and White…
…then Gospodarou (and Tjintjelaar) is the gospel!).
As Gospodarou and gospel share the same root, I am quite certain that for all black and white photographers at least, that this epic new publication will rest comfortably alongside the Bruce Barnbaum bible (‘Art of Photography’). Barnbaum managed to straddle the old wet and analogue process of photography, and the new, digital age. He gave us an insight into the art of the process, whether A or D, and his ideas are still relevant today. Gospodarou and Tjintjelaar have finally given B&W photography a massive – not to say transcending – push into the digital age!

Jack TorcelloFine art photographer

If you’re interested in black and white photography, the names Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou will probably need no introduction. The work of both photographers has helped define, and push the boundaries of long exposure photography, a relatively new genre in the fine art world. Julia and Joel have joined forces to write a new ebook called From Basics to Fine Art: Black and White Photography – Architecture and Beyond. It is principally aimed at photographers interested in using long exposure techniques to photograph buildings, with some chapters being more general and having a wider appeal.(…) You have two photographers whose work I admire immensely explaining how they create their images, from their general philosophy to the specifics of long exposures and post-processing. If you’re ever looked at their photos and wondered how they achieved the results they do then this ebook has the answers. It’s a tremendous act of generosity and sharing. No one else seems to be doing this stuff yet, or at least doing it and teaching it, so that makes some of the content unique. If you’re a fan of either of these authors, and want to learn the secrets behind their work, then it’s a must buy.”

Andrew GibsonPhotographer & writer DPS (Digital Photography School)

“From Basics To Fine Art is by far the most complete and well written book on photography that I have read in years. At over 400 pages, I would not say it is an easy read, but more of an educational one. There is no fluff here. It is the quintessential ‘Start at the beginning and continue until you get to the end’ type of book. Throughout I have made notes and essentially dog-eared pages I would want to go back and review. It is that enlightening! From Basics To Fine Art is a must read for anyone who is looking to make their way into the world of fine art. Yes it does focus on architectural fine art photography, but the core concepts transcend those areas and are really valid for any kind of photography.”

T. Michael TestiPhotographer/blogger

“I’ve just spent the past 3 weeks, not just reading and learning about Black and White, Long Exposure Architectural Fine Art Photography, but feeling like I’ve shared an intimate conversation with it’s authors. “From Basics to Fine Art” is an echo of both Joel and Julia’s love for Architectural Photography, and it’s a book that’s far more than the pages it’s written on. (…) ” …to review this book would be like reviewing the Bible. An almost impossible task, due to the amount and depth of content to be covered.” (…) “I can only do this with words, “It’s a Masterpiece”, for anyone that has any interest in shooting Black and White Long Exposure Architectural Fine Art Photography. This title simply has to be on your bookshelf. If you’re just starting out, or already an expert in this field, again …. buy this book you will learn far more than you expect from it. I certainly did.” (…) “To conclude …. Circa 1950, Ansel Adams first published a trilogy of photography books called, “The Camera, The Negative and The Print”, widely accepted as the gospel in terms of producing and printing photographic images. I can’t help but think that Joel and Julia have produced a volume that will have the same effect as Ansel’s books did, and continue to do so to this day.”

Antony NorthcuttFine art photographer, writer, educator

Reviews on the Firecrest filters

A small collection of reviews on the Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters

“Companies such as B&W* and Hitech Formatt have developed ND filters that surpass the Big Stopper and by some considerable margin. In particular, Hitech Formatt brought out the IRND range and more recently, the new Firecrest 16 stop filter – which has literally been a game changer for me. No horrible colour casts and accurate exposures are now the order of the day and with 16 stops to play with, the Firecrest IRND opens up many possibilities for long exposures in bright daylight.”

Stuart LowLong exposure photographer

“We have obtained a white balance of 6650, +20. Therefore, it is not really neutral but its deviation from the white balance of 1050, which means it’s going to get photos from a slightly cold dominant. What we do see is that there is a deviation towards green color which has required a correction of +38 from the photo 1. But it is much more neutral than the Bigstopper filter, and considering that is 6 stops more “dense” this filter is much more dense than the Bigstopper”

Manuel TobarraBlogger, photographer

“And it looks pretty damn good. Actually, what I should say is I haven’t seen this level of controlled performance from an ND filter set before. This is pretty amazing if you consider the density range” and “There’s no dominant color cast that I can see, which is fantastic. I’ll go out on a well supported limb here and say that these are the most neutral and consistent ND filters currently available.”

Phil HollandBlogger, RED camera user

“The Singh Ray 15 did not correct well and would require more advanced methods using RGB curves to remove the red cast, a time consuming task. The Lee’s cleaned up quite well, which is due to the blue cast being easy to fix by just warming up the white balance. The Firecrest was also easily corrected using only white balance, quite impressive for a 16 stop filter! For reference the Lee Big Stopper required a large white balance correction, going from a Temp of 5000 to 9300 and a Tint of +5 to +19, the Firecrest on the other hand only needed to go to a Temp of 5400 and a Tint of +1, a very small adjustment.” and “When shooting with a Lee Big Stopper you need to adjust the white balance in camera to 9300 to ensure you do not need to make a large adjustment later on, when using the Firecrest there is no need to set your white balance like this, daylight is very close.” and finally “I was extremely surprised by Singh Ray, a company that typically makes the best filters on the market proved to be a disappointment here. This is good news for the consumer though as Singh Ray is also extremely expensive. The good news is the Firecrest is actually quite affordable and performed exceptionally! I would highly recommend this filter”

David KinghamPhotographer, educator

“When I saw that the Firecrest 16 could give me an exposure time of 6 minutes at ISO 200 and an aperture of f11, I knew we would get along real fine despite our earlier gasket issue. The resultant images were even more neutral than my old Pro Stop IRND. It was a great rush to be able to shoot in broad daylight for minutes at a time again. Most photographers fear scratching the coating, with the Firecrest they can rest assured as the coating is sandwiched between the glass.” and “As you can see there is no colour cast, and both look as neutral as I could hope for. I used to use Hoya, B+W and Tiffen ND filters which all had significant colour casting from magenta to blue. If you are someone that likes to have the opportunity to shoot long exposures during the day, and are looking for a single solution then why not take a look at Formatt-Hitech’s Firecrest 16, it could revolutionise your photographic experience.”

Tuan NguyenPhotographer, blogger

“I have to say that out of all the ND filters I have owned for Long Exposure photography, the Hitech 16 Stop Firecrest in my opinion out shines all the other makes. It’s neutrality is amazing for a filter with such high filtration.” and “Too early to say just yet but going from the only shot taken, the exposure was right on the money unlike the Lee Big stopper which had a tendency to underexpose around 1 full stop.”

Ian BarberFine art photographer, educator

Testimonials for the Video tutorial B&W Long exposure Masterclass with FOTOTV

A small impression of all testimonials received after releasing the video in March 2013

“After watching your videos and producing my first architecture image in June, I have now reached the grand total of 16 architecture images so far. Some I like better than others but overall, I am still thrilled with the skills you gave me on your videos and excited by the joy I now get from architecture.”

Billy CurrieB&W Fine art photographer

“I simply wanted to touch base with you and share my gratitude to you for creating the BW Masterclass Series. In my latest image of The Getty Center, I followed along with the videos to help bring about my vision for the composition. The techniques you share are without a doubt the best way to create the smoothest most natural gradients in an image.”

Lucas HaynesFine art photographer

“Can just recommend it! Have been watching all the chapters this week during travels and I can only say that I am longing to get out shooting and post process some images again. Especially the chapters about your vision with the images and how you create more presence is just great and very inspiring!”

Dennis BerggrenPhotographer

“I really appreciate the videos. All the chapters are very insteresting whether it is about on site shooting or post processing. It’s so far the best tutorial I get, and I read some books about digital B&W processing: -Vincent Versace
-Harold Davis
-John Batdorff
-Leslie Alsheimer and Bryan O’Neil
… I won’t say that those ones are worse than Joel’s tutorials, this is simply that Joel videos fits perfectly my need (espacially when it cames to long exposure for landscape) and all the explanations provided are clear. However I would have been even happier if Joel have included a dedicated chapter on printing in black and white since I think that there is definitely something to do in this area. Another question is about how Joel generates its 3 copies of the same image (Highlight, Low Light and Normal). It appears that they came straight from Nik almost without processing. Do you some time tweek thoses 3 versions or does it came straight from Silver Efex proposals? Do you use for example from time to time color filters in Silver Efex or photoshop Color to B&W conversions tools. Great work, I will definitely take look at your future book.”

FranzFine art photographer

“The New Gold Standard in Fine Art PhotographyI just had a chance to complete this video tutorial series, and I got so much out of it. I was blown away by how concise, easy to follow, and comprehensive this was. Anyone pursuing fine art photography needs to master these techniques. I believe a new “gold standard” is being created right before our very eyes. If you have not done so, get these tutorials. I have not mastered these techniques, but I know the challenge will help me to grow by leaps & bounds.I don’t think most people realize that I have only had a camera since 2011. I had no real experience with photography prior to meeting +Joel Tjintjelaar online. I never had a camera as a child or teenager. Photography still has that “new car smell”. I marvel at what is possible with this craft. I say this because I know without a shadow of a doubt that studying Joel’s techniques and going to his workshops have helped me to advance in a way that I never could have on my own. These tutorials have given me the vocabulary needed to express myself through visual communication.I have so much more to learn and grow in my photographic journey. It has changed me as a person. For the better Not just my view of the world & it’s people, but my heart. I never want to do “straight shots”, or be a button pusher. I am only interested in creating inspired work that comes from my heart, feeds my soul, and serves the world.”

Sandra CanningFine art photographer

“Masterclass indeed!
Joel – your work has many distinctive hallmarks, and you have committed an act of extreme magnanimity to have laid it all out for us in such a personalised and user friendly fashion.
The first few segments have already given me a permanently altered and newly stimulated view of architectural photography.
Wishing you all the best in life and art. With sincere thanks, David”

David CartierPhotographer