Three Days In Vienna, Austria

Black and white post processing techniques, fine-art vision concepts, long exposure photography and architecture.

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be teaching a black and white fine art photography and long exposure photography workshop for the second time in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria in collaboration with the Lightbox Academy Project team.

Three days of workshop, with a large focus on my black and white post processing techniques with extensive demonstrations and intensive guidance from my side to create a visual style in line with one’s vision. Of course we will also be shooting the beautiful classic and modern architecture of Vienna using long exposure techniques with my preferred 16 stops ND filter and 5 minutes long exposure approach. For those interested in how to use the tilt-shift lens in architecture, I’ll be offering extensive demonstrations how to use this lens effectively. Of course portfolio reviews and tips how to improve, will be part of the workshop.

There will be ample opportunity, for those of you wanting to chat with me in a more personal setting, to discuss unscheduled topics related to for example the business of photography, art or just a casual chat!

Joel Tjintjelaar Workshop Chicago

Joel Tjintjelaar giving instructions at Chicago workshop. © Janice D. Nelson.

Joel Tjintjelaar Workshop New York City

Joel Tjintjelaar talking about his fine-art prints at the New York City workshop 2015. © David Fowler.

Since I’m teaching less and less workshops, and very rarely in Europe, this may be a unique opportunity for those of you in Europe who are interested in following one of my  workshops. It may very well be one of the last workshops of this kind that I will be doing.

My post-processing method and visual style have been adopted by many with great success, or have laid the foundation for my previous students to win many international awards. Now you too can acquire the technical skills to create a visual style that even appeals to judges of international competitions by attending this workshop. Furthermore, since I’ve always managed to come up with new concepts and improvements for post-processing almost every year, you might be the first one to hear and see about any new developments.

Library and learning center vienna by Zaha Hadid

Library and learning center by Zaha Hadid.

DC Vienna

DC Tower

Parliament Building

Parliament Building


The Vienna workshop will be held on August 26, 27 and 28 in the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria.

Registration And Early Bird Discounts

Registration and early birds till May 1, 2016

There will be an early bird discount if you register before May 1, 2016.

You can register and read much more information on this workshop on the website of the Lightbox Academy project team, here. There’s a maximum of 15 students. Full is full.

If you register you will be redirected to the Lightbox Academy Project website

Students Will Have A Chance To Win A Limited Exhibition Print

As a bonus I will give away one of my limited edition exhibition prints, on which I talked about in this article, that is signed off, registered and comes with a certificate and has a value of at least $800. I won’t tell yet which print it’s going to be, but you may be the lucky owner of a print that apart from this print that you can win, can be purchased  in the near future through the official gallery representations only, for a much higher price. Gallery name and this higher price won’t be disclosed yet.


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