Top 5 Photography Books

A personal selection of books that are not the typical technical books on photography, some aren’t even on photography at all, but have proven to be influential books that have changed how photography as an art form can be approached and thought of.

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Photokina 2016 Impressions

With some moderate anticipation I went to the 2016 edition of the Photokina in Cologne, Germany. Moderate, because it’s ‘just gear’. But well manufactured and good looking gear is not only a moral booster but it can also open up creative possibilities you didn’t…

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Limited Edition Prints

Recently I had an exhibition of my architectural work in a gallery in the South of France for which I exhibited 25 fine-art prints, printed by master printer Jeff Gaydash, in close collaboration with me. As a result of this, I’m selling those exhibition prints.

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One WTC by PhaseOne IQ260 Achromatic

Photographing One WTC in New York City with the PhaseOne IQ260 Achromatic Introduction Recently I had the pleasure of trying out the PhaseOne IQ260 achromatic camera, generously provided by Lance Schad from Digital Transitions in New York. I didn’t have very high...

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Exhibition at the Rotella Gallery

The start of the exhibition of part of my work at the Rotella gallery in New York City and Las Vegas Rotella Gallery Exhibition Limited Prints I am very happy and excited to announce that 8 of my images  from the Visual Acoustics – Silence and Light series, depicting...

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Top 10 Self Portraits

Everybody is taking selfies these days, but the art of self portraiture has been there for centuries. Van Gogh and Rembrandt were taking “selfies” long before Kim Kardashian and any other living person with a cellphone. And no, they didn’t use selfie-sticks…

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