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The sales of the long awaited eBook “From Basics to Fine Art – B&W Photography – Architecture and Beyond”, written by yours truly and my co-author Julia Anna Gospodarou has started now and the 400+page eBook can be purchased by clicking on the link to our FastSpring store.
Depending on the area you purchase the book from the price will be € 49 for buyers in the Euro zone, 39 GBP for buyers from the UK and $ 59 for buyers from the rest of the world.


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If you don’t want to judge the book by its cover then have a look what’s inside this book here, it includes the full table of content.

What the experts think of the book:
“Outside of Ansel Adams’ Basic Photo Series, From Basic to Fine Art, by Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou, is the best book on B&W photography written in the last 40 years.”
“The importance of the book is reached in Julia’s and Joel’s abilities to blend the practice of classical form and content in vision and tech­nique, so that Form is Content.
While others claim to have achieved this state of aesthetic grace, this is the first time I have seen it acc­omplished with great skill and with a brilliant explanation of how to get there.”
“ I consider Julia’s (en)Visionography and Photography Drawing the most important innovation in B&W photography since the invention of the Zone System.

George DeWolfe

“In today’s humankind ever-increasing urge for homogenization and uniformity, Joel and Julia stand out. Joel is the modern equivalent of what Ansel Adams did for black & white photography in the film era,
always exploring new horizons, new techniques, and new frontiers to explore. Julia Anna, on the other hand, is the chimera of Imogen Cunningham and Vivian Maier,
merging one of the sharpest eyes in the art world with the artistic flair to make every image canvas come alive.”

“Their book and stunning images testify to their intellectual curios­ity and desire to understand where they are coming from, who they became and where they are going, together with taking black & white art to ever higher dizzying heights.”

– Dr. Charles Paul Azzopardi

I have now finished reading the book from beginning to end. For anyone who is both passionate and willing to understand what Fine Art Black and White Photography is all about, this book in an absolute must buy in my opinion.
The way in which both Joel and Julia explain everything is easy to follow and with great detail. Not only do they explain their personal vision but also share some of their secrets in what it takes to produce some of the best Fine Art Architecture images around today.
I have been making Black and White photographs for a few years and I have learnt so much from these two photographers especially as they explain how to approach architecture, understanding the light and reaching out for a better composition.
If architecture is not your thing but long exposure photography in general is, Joel and Julia explain everything there is to know about the subject including some of the pitfalls to watch out for.
All in all, this is the one book which i will reach for time and time again for both interesting reading and also as a great reference source.

– Ian Barber, Black and white fine art photographer and instructor on Facebook.

Thank you note:
Special thanks  to our graphic designer  Artur J. Heller from Camerapixo who is a highly talented and creative graphic designer and to our erudite proofreader,  Charles Paul Azzopardi, a B&W Fine-art photographer and (en)Visionographer himself. 


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