B&W Speed Workflow
B&W Speed Workflow
Black and white speed workflow video tutorial

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Product Overview

*Note: special discount available when buying this video together with the B&W Long Exposure video. Read more here.

A black and white photography post-processing video tutorial, produced in collaboration with FotoTV.

Duration of video: 2hrs 12 minutes new material and 1 hour 11 minutes with bonus tracks from the older video tutorial making it 3 hrs 23 minutes in total.

What is the Speed workflow 

A structured method for black and white post-processing and conversion, in use by many award-winning photographers

The black and white Speed workflow is another name for a method that I call iSGM2.0 and is arguably one of the first structured methods of digitally converting and processing photos to black and white, regardless of the original color information. This method has been developed in 2009 by me and first made public in 2011 after which it has undergone several improvements of which iSGM2.0 is the latest iteration. It’s a method that is now used by many award-winning, fine-art, photographers around the world, often with some degree of modification to suit the photographer’s personal needs.

The concept behind the B&W Speed workflow: Identity, isolate and control light and shapes
The iSGM 2.0 workflow objective is to convert (from color to B&W) and to process (after conversion) photos to B&W according to your artistic vision, independent of the original color information, with full control of the 2 key elements in a photograph after you’ve finished the phase of taking the actual shot in the field: light and shapes. After visually identifying the shapes that form the key compositional elements in your photograph,  you need to create so-called ‘hard selections’ to isolate them. After isolating them, these shapes can be controlled by using tools like gradients and the curves tool, according to the iSGM method to create the desired amount of depth in objects (‘creating presence’) or in between objects (atmospheric depth) by adjusting light intensities. Light intensities within, or in between, objects can be further controlled by creating and using luminosity masks together with hard selections in a specific way. Luminosity masking is a method documented and made accessible to the public by Tony Kuyper. Mastering this technique will ensure there are no technical limitations anymore to realize your artistic vision: any B&W photograph that you can envision can be made with this method. It is a fundamentally different way, and surely a far more structured and systematic way of simply converting photos to B&W using the standard features in Photoshop or other plugins as the original color information becomes irrelevant and light and shapes are the only elements that play a decisive role in the B&W process.

What’s the difference with the previous B&W Masterclass video tutorial?
The black and white Speed workflow is an add-on to the previous B&W Masterclass video tutorial and an evolution of my iSGM B&W workflow. The video can also be used as a standalone video, without needing the previous B&W masterclass video tutorial. This B&W Speed workflow will help you develop the skills needed to create B&W fine art images in a faster and more controlled and subtle way than in my older workflow by integrating the use of luminosity masks to my iSGM method, called iSGM2.0. Click here to view the detailed table of contents of this video.

Bonus material
We have included some parts of the Masterclass video as a bonus to the Speed workflow so that you don’t have to purchase the Masterclass video to use the Speed workflow.
Advanced (Masterclass) users will find the Speed workflow an interesting new tool in their box. They can skip the bonus material and go straight to the Speed workflow details.

More bonus material: the medium sized original editable tif files from New York City skyline shot.
Since we want to enhance the learning experience we’ve included the editable medium sized tif files from my awarded photo NYC skyline at sunrise so you can try out and practice with the suggestions in the video right away without needing to shoot a similar photo yourself.

What’s Included

  • The B&W Speed Workflow video
  • Bonus tracks from the B&W Masterclass video
  • Original tiff-files from award winning NYC skyline

Quick Overview


Price: $ 49.95


2 hours and 12 minutes of video and 1 hour 11 minutes of bonus video


Learn to create award winning images


Optimize your workflow to work faster and more controlled


Original tiff files of my award winning photographs

Since all my images from the last 9 years have been created with my iSGM, Speed workflow method, only a handful of images are showcased here that couldn’t have been created with any other method.
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