Is a photograph of an existing artistic creation, such as a building or sculpture, derivative and can it therefore not be considered fine-art photography? Is it even plagiarism? An analysis and conclusions.

What is creativity? How elusive is it and can we learn creativity? This article tries to describe the creative process and what it really is based on an influential essay of military strategist John R. Boyd and then tries to apply it to the artistic process.

An in-depth interview with multiple award-winning fine-art photographer and architect Julia Anna Gospodarou. We don’t talk gear or techniques only art and photography.

Architectural photography can roughly be separated in traditional or real estate architectural photography on one hand and fine art architectural photography on the other hand. The difference is a difference in intention of the photographer.

It’s been 4 years ago since I last did an online workshop. Therefore, I’ve decided to do another online workshop this summer. This one-off online workshop will be limited to only 5 students. You can learn anything you want and ask anything you want, as long if it’s related to the art of photography.