Here’s something for all of you, for free.
Yes I do make money with photography, I do make money with the workshops I teach and videos I sell. But I’ve always given a lot too for years on this website: free tutorials, free videos and even free workshops.

Now here’s a 2 hour video chat I did on Google+ yesterday night in which I talked about and demonstrated my B&W workflow in quite some detail, my new article on the Rule of Grays and much more. If you’re interested in my secrets in B&W photography then here’s your chance to find out more. It’s worth it, there are no secrets I’m hiding, in fact if I wasn’t limited to time I’ve been still on air trying to guide everyone through my workflow – seriously!

I’ll be doing more of this at +Charles Lupica‘s  and +Scott Thomas‘ B&W mentoring group here on Google+ called +52 Shades of Gray  It’s an awesome community with lots of things to learn, and all for free…


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  1. Ramón Jurado
    Ramón Jurado says:

    I don’t understand any of this, I have been struggling with your website for two daysnow please, can’t you have a tutorial that is step by step¡? I already did the luminosity masks, what do I do now? I have no idea.

  2. Jack
    Jack says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights and workflows. This was a wonderful two hours!

    A side thought, it seemed to me that the Ralph Gibson image recalled rule Nine. The mid-tones in the hand draws the eye in that they provide the rest area for the eyes after viewing the high contrast zero and 10 tones in the sleeve, paper and table.


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