Here’s something for all of you, for free.
Yes I do make money with photography, I do make money with the workshops I teach and videos I sell. But I’ve always given a lot too for years on this website: free tutorials, free videos and even free workshops.

Now here’s a 2 hour video chat I did on Google+ yesterday night in which I talked about and demonstrated my B&W workflow in quite some detail, my new article on the Rule of Grays and much more. If you’re interested in my secrets in B&W photography then here’s your chance to find out more. It’s worth it, there are no secrets I’m hiding, in fact if I wasn’t limited to time I’ve been still on air trying to guide everyone through my workflow – seriously!

I’ll be doing more of this at +Charles Lupica‘s  and +Scott Thomas‘ B&W mentoring group here on Google+ called +52 Shades of Gray  It’s an awesome community with lots of things to learn, and all for free…



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