Following up on the well-received free webinars for the B&W artisan pro X panel earlier this year, I’m now announcing a free, live, and interactive webinar on the use of the Quick Mask Pro panel.
There are several tutorials on YouTube on the Quick Mask pro panel, but I believe they have limitations and certainly, they are outdated.
Considering my experience with the B&W Artisan Pro webinars, a live webinar for Quick Mask pro would be the ideal platform to explain all possibilities of the panel in one interactive session sufficiently.


The session will be held on Sunday, October 4, 2020, over Zoom.
Start time is 3pm CET (Amsterdam) / 9am EDT (NYC) / 6am PDT (LA)
The duration is approximately 2 hours.
The session will be recorded and shared via YouTube after some minor editing

Who can sign up, why and what this Webinar is about (scroll down to read what this webinar is NOT about):
Every existing Quick Mask Pro user and every owner of the Advanced Masking video.

  • For customers who have the Quick Mask Pro panel:

This webinar will demonstrate how the panel works and also show you that the panel can be used stand-alone and that the possibilities will increase substantially when used together with other techniques as explained in my Advanced Masking video or any other workflow you might already have.
If you don’t have the Advanced Masking video yet, which I would highly recommend as a QMP user, then there’s currently a discount on the video:

  • For customers who have the Advanced Masking video:

This webinar will show you how to use the panel as an additional tool inside the framework with methods and tools as explained in the Advanced Masking video to have even more options for combining masks and make things even easier/faster/more accurate. You will also find out that the panel skips a few manual steps as demonstrated in the advanced masking video, apart from offering even more channels to choose from to complete your hard mask.
If you don’t have the Quick Mask Pro panel yet, then there’s currently a discount on the panel:

  • For students considering attending my B&W online fine art weekend workshop:

If you have one of the above items and you are also considering attending my paid B&W fine art online weekend workshop on October 17/18, then you will automatically be admitted to this free webinar (if you sign up for the free webinar) as this Quick Mask webinar is the ideal preparation for the masking part in the B&W fine art online weekend workshop that takes place 2 weeks later.

How to sign up:
There will be a maximum of 30 attendees. The first 10 signings will be automatically admitted. The remaining 20 will be randomly picked.
Existing users have received an email with the link to the sign-up form. New users of the Quick Mask Pro panel or Advanced Masking video, will receive a link in the email they receive upon purchase of the panel or video.

If you’re an existing user and didn’t receive the email, please contact me at [email protected]

– Some background info to put the panel and methodology used in the right context: contrast-based methods vs color based vs manual methods
– How this panel relates to and fits in, my Advanced Masking technique
– How to set up the panel in PS correctly – channel masks vs layer masks / hard masks vs soft masks/masks vs selections
– The quick mask pro panel introduction: what it can and cannot do
– The quick mask pro features – going through all the features
– How to use the panel without any knowledge of the Advanced Masking methods or any other masking method: a few examples
– How to use the panel with knowledge of my Advanced Masking methods (the methods explained in the video): various simple to complicated examples
– Mask optimization
– During the break and at the end of the webinar, I will take questions. You can also ask questions using the chat feature in Zoom

What this Webinar is NOT about:
– During the webinar I’m using different other methods like the color based method (the color range feature in PS) together with the pen tool and marquee tool in combination with the panel. This webinar is not about how to use those basic tools/methods as tutorials on those can be found anywhere on the Internet for free. It will be assumed that attendees are already familiar with the use of those tools/methods. If not I would suggest to
– During the webinar I will be using techniques that are not covered by the panel and are part of the techniques I use in my overarching Advanced masking method. The webinar is not the place to demonstrate and explain those techniques (that would make the webinar 4 to 5 hours longer and is covered in the video extensively) but I will use those techniques (such as sectional masking) nevertheless to demonstrate that the panel is just a tool like other more common tools like the pen tool that you can use randomly and standalone or as part of a greater overarching framework/workflow such as my advanced method.


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