From Basics to Fine Art

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Outside of Ansel Adams’ Basic Photo Series, From Basic to Fine Art, by Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou, is the best book on B&W photography written in the last 40 years.”

George DeWolfe Photographer/Educator

Product Overview

The best-selling and highly praised book counting 424 pages, eBook format, on fine art photography and black and white photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar.

With a focus on architectural fine art photography and long exposure photography, but going far beyond these genres and covering black and white photography in general and in-depth.

Everything about the artistic side, the practical side, the philosophical side but also the business of photography and the financial side of photography, plus… the secret to success in photography by Julia and Joel.

You can consult this extensive BOOK PREVIEW (pdf) containing the Table of Contents and some fragments from the book to get an idea on what the book covers.

Our black and white photography processing methods and workflow, our long exposure photography methods are analyzed in depth, with examples and extensive hands-on explanations, extended analysis of our award-winning images, plus the theoretical base for what we do so you do not only apply a method, but start creating your own black and white (en)Visionography right away.

More than 400 pages of knowledge from our extensive experience as fine art photographers and from the long years of studying art, architecture and everything related to image representation.

Tens of black and white photographs from our portfolio, showing our signature style, recent and from the archives, dating back even more than 10 years, explained and analyzed in a simple and clear way.

A book, written in simple English, so every lover of photography with a medium knowledge of the language, regardless where they are, can easily understand and use the information the moment they read it. As they say, great ideas do not need complicated words. We totally agree.

Quick Overview


Price: $ 69 / € 59


Elaborate And Extensive: 424 Pages

424 pages of extensive tutorials covering all aspects of B&W fine art photography, long exposure photography and architectural photography.

iSGM2.0 + Luminosity Masking And Photography Drawing

Elaborate explanation on Joel’s B&W post processing using iSGM2.0 with luminosity masking and Julia’s Photography Drawing as an approach for B&W processing.

Finding Vision And Rules Of Grays

Practical guideline to finding one’s own vision and a set of rules for what makes a good B&W photograph.


An extensive explanation on (en)Visionography, a new thinking and approach towards photography in the digital age, described by its inventor Julia Anna Gospodarou.

Long Exposure Photography And Composition

Extensive and detailed explanation on long exposure photography and composition techniques.
Outside of Ansel Adams’ Basic Photo Series, From Basic to Fine Art, by Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou, is the best book on B&W photography written in the last 40 years.”  (…) “The importance of the book is reached in Julia’s and Joel’s abilities to blend the practice of classical form and content in vision and tech­nique, so that Form is Content.  While others claim to have achieved this state of aesthetic grace, this is the first time I have seen it acc­omplished with great skill and with a brilliant explanation of how to get there.
George DeWolfe


If you’re interested in black and white photography, the names Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou will probably need no introduction. The work of both photographers has helped define, and push the boundaries of long exposure photography, a relatively new genre in the fine art world. Julia and Joel have joined forces to write a new ebook called From Basics to Fine Art: Black and White Photography – Architecture and Beyond. It is principally aimed at photographers interested in using long exposure techniques to photograph buildings, with some chapters being more general and having a wider appeal.(…) You have two photographers whose work I admire immensely explaining how they create their images, from their general philosophy to the specifics of long exposures and post-processing. If you’re ever looked at their photos and wondered how they achieved the results they do then this ebook has the answers. It’s a tremendous act of generosity and sharing. No one else seems to be doing this stuff yet, or at least doing it and teaching it, so that makes some of the content unique. If you’re a fan of either of these authors, and want to learn the secrets behind their work, then it’s a must buy.”
Andrew Gibson

Photographer & writer DPS (Digital Photography School)

If Barnbaum was the bible of Black and White…
…then Gospodarou (and Tjintjelaar) is the gospel!).
As Gospodarou and gospel share the same root, I am quite certain that for all black and white photographers at least, that this epic new publication will rest comfortably alongside the Bruce Barnbaum bible (‘Art of Photography’). Barnbaum managed to straddle the old wet and analogue process of photography, and the new, digital age. He gave us an insight into the art of the process, whether A or D, and his ideas are still relevant today. Gospodarou and Tjintjelaar have finally given B&W photography a massive – not to say transcending – push into the digital age!
Jack Torcello

Fine art photographer

From Basics To Fine Art is by far the most complete and well written book on photography that I have read in years. At over 400 pages, I would not say it is an easy read, but more of an educational one. There is no fluff here. It is the quintessential ‘Start at the beginning and continue until you get to the end’ type of book. Throughout I have made notes and essentially dog-eared pages I would want to go back and review. It is that enlightening! From Basics To Fine Art is a must read for anyone who is looking to make their way into the world of fine art. Yes it does focus on architectural fine art photography, but the core concepts transcend those areas and are really valid for any kind of photography.
T. Michael Testi


I also started shooting some architectural images. Again I struggled to produce the results I had envisaged prior to capture. It was at this point, around mid-2016, that I read a review on ‘From Basics to Fine Art – Black & White Photography Architecture and Beyond’, an e-book co-written by the renowned photographers Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou. I bought the book and read it over and over. It proved to be a turning point in my photography journey.

Up to that point, my editing was loosely based around a workflow which catered for making mostly global adjustments to an image. In the book, both Joel and Julia Anna outlined the benefits of breaking an image down into a number of carefully selected areas. Once selected, those areas can be adjusted and the result blended into the overall image, typically using a gradient mask. That simple principle was the foundation for a completely new editing process for me. It is now central to everything I do in Photoshop.

Jim Graham


In today’s humankind ever-increasing urge for homogenization and uniformity, Joel and Julia stand out. Joel is the modern equivalent of what Ansel Adams did for black & white photography in the film era, always exploring new horizons, new techniques, and new frontiers to explore. Julia Anna, on the other hand, is the chimera of Imogen Cunningham and Vivian Maier, merging one of the sharpest eyes in the art world with the artistic flair to make every image canvas come alive.
Dr. Charles Azzopardi

Oncologist and Fine art photographer

I’ve just spent the past 3 weeks, not just reading and learning about Black and White, Long Exposure Architectural Fine Art Photography, but feeling like I’ve shared an intimate conversation with it’s authors. “From Basics to Fine Art” is an echo of both Joel and Julia’s love for Architectural Photography, and it’s a book that’s far more than the pages it’s written on. (…) ” …to review this book would be like reviewing the Bible. An almost impossible task, due to the amount and depth of content to be covered.” (…) “I can only do this with words, “It’s a Masterpiece”, for anyone that has any interest in shooting Black and White Long Exposure Architectural Fine Art Photography. This title simply has to be on your bookshelf. If you’re just starting out, or already an expert in this field, again …. buy this book you will learn far more than you expect from it. I certainly did.” (…) “To conclude …. Circa 1950, Ansel Adams first published a trilogy of photography books called, “The Camera, The Negative and The Print”, widely accepted as the gospel in terms of producing and printing photographic images. I can’t help but think that Joel and Julia have produced a volume that will have the same effect as Ansel’s books did, and continue to do so to this day.
Antony Northcutt

Fine art photographer, writer, educator


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