FROM BASICS TO FINE ART– B&W Photography – Architecture & Beyond – 


 Julia Anna Gospodarou & Joel Tjintjelaar 


A book on fine art B&W photography with a focus on architectural fine art photography. Everything about the artistic side, the practical side, the philosophical side but also the business and financial side of photography, plus… the secret to success by Joel and Julia. More than 400 pages of fine art photography knowledge from our experience as fine art photographers  and from the long years of studying art, architecture and everything related to image representation. Tens of images from our portfolio, recent and from the archives dating even almost 10 years ago, explained and analyzed in a simple and clear way.

Due for official launch mid 2014. 

Have a look at  the first fragments of the book we  posted publicly, highlights from a few of the most important chapters of the book posted on our sites:

– The Method of Photography Drawing™ by Julia Ana Gospodarou 

– The Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography™ by Joel Tjintjelaar

– The Guide to Vision™ by Julia Anna Gospodarou

– The Rule of Grays™ by Joel Tjintjelaar 

– (en)Visionography™ – The New Photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou

Other topics in the book:

– Fine Art Photography. Why?
– Architecture and Photography – A Parallelism
– Composition as Base for Creation 
– Vision. What is Vision? 
– Light in Architectural Photography 
– Complete Tilt-Shift Lens Guide for Architectural Photography
– Architectural Photography Styles: Classical, HDR, Infrared, Long Exposure 
– Architectural Photography Subjects
– Architectural Street Photography
– Abstract Architectural Photography 
– Night Architectural Photography 
– How to Shoot Architectural Details? 
– iSGM – Itterative Selective Gradient Masks – B&W Long Exposure Processing Method
– Tips and Principles for Shooting Long Exposure 
– Practical Examples & Analysis on our own award-winning images

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