Start asking your questions, or postulate your ideas here related to fine-art photography, in the comment section. I will answer the 2 or 3 most interesting questions during the week of July 16 to July 23 but I would encourage you to answer to each other or postulate anything.

So this week anything related to fine-art photography, but more specifically focused on the following sub-topics: ‘What is fine-art photography and what separates it from other photographs?’, ‘Who decides whether we’re looking at fine-art photographs: the artist, or the viewer or both and why?’, and ‘With the sharing of photos through the internet and social media, that look very similar, can we still talk about fine-art when everything looks so much the same – do we need to look and discern better or is the value of ‘real’ fine-art photographs corrupted and devalued in such a way that we can’t discern between authenticity and emulation/replication of an idea anymore?’


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