Since my Long exposure and B&W masterclass video tutorial series, produced with FOTOTV.COM (world’s largest WebTV about photography) has been released in May 2013 I’ve had the pleasure of receiving many emails and comments on this series from customers all over the world. I’ve decided to collect some of the testimonials, posted all over the Internet,  in this post to give you an impression. Just scroll down the page and see for yourself.

On top of that I would like to add that this video tutorial series forms the basis of many of my workshops that I teach all over the world, including my online B&W masterclass workshops, and that I’m happy to say that many of my B&W online workshop students and real life workshop students have won international photography awards at prestigious competitions in the past year. If you too want to take your B&W processing skills to another level, then why not try it out yourself? You can purchase this tutorial online here: FOTOTV Webshop


Billy Currie november 2013

Hi Joel,

Hope you are well and taking plenty of those stunning shots you produce.

After watching your videos and producing my first architecture image in June, I have now reached the grand total of 16 architecture images so far. Some I like better than others but overall, I am still thrilled with the skills you gave me on your videos and excited by the joy I now get from architecture.

The 16 images are can be found here –


Lucas Haynes August 17

Good Morning Joel,

I simply wanted to touch base with you and share my gratitude to you for creating the BW Masterclass Series. In my latest image of The Getty Center, I followed along with the videos to help bring about my vision for the composition. The techniques you share are without a doubt the best way to create the smoothest most natural gradients in an image.

I hope you’re having a great weekend.

Now, last question, What do I do with all these images…. lol?

kind regards



Rafael says:

22 Aug ’13 at 6:34 am  (Edit)

I am interested in your online workshop . I purchased your workshop on foto tv and i think its the best investment in my photography career. Thank you in advance


jennings says:

7 Aug ’13 at 11:51 pm

Hey Joel, Thanks for your video which gives an insights into how your work and process images. i am at a very novice stage in my photography and i am so keen to learn and become an expert in this genre of black and white long exposures. One criticism if i may, is that a portion of your video which explains how you import images from Nik silver Efex pro is not definitive enough. please if possible next time for futures videos, make a step by step process of how you go about this as i felt that this part was rushed. i live in the UK and would like to save up and come for a photoshop class over a weekend if possible. How much do you charge for your classes?


Franz says:

22 Jul ’13 at 5:26 am


I really appreciate the videos.

All the chapters are very insteresting whether it is about on site shooting or post processing.

It’s so far the best tutorial I get, and I read some books about digital B&W processing:

-Vincent Versace
-Harold Davis
-John Batdorff
-Leslie Alsheimer and Bryan O’Neil

I won’t say that those ones are worse than Joel’s tutorials, this is simply that Joel videos fits perfectly my need (espacially when it cames to long exposure for landscape) and all the explanations provided are clear.

However I would have been even happier if Joel have included a dedicated chapter on printing in black and white since I think that there is definitely something to do in this area.

Another question is about how Joel generates its 3 copies of the same image (Highlight, Low Light and Normal). It appears that they came straight from Nik almost without processing.

Do you some time tweek thoses 3 versions or does it came straight from Silver Efex proposals?

Do you use for example from time to time color filters in Silver Efex or photoshop Color to B&W conversions tools.

Great work, I will definitely take look at your future book.




Don Munro, Facebook, June 25, 2013

I purchased your ‘B&W Long Exposure Masterclass’ video last week. I enjoyed watching it and got some really fantastic tips and advice. Here’s my first real attempt using the new knowledge I gained from your teachings. Thanks Joel Tjintjelaar.


Manuel Facal says:

3 Jun ’13 at 10:19 am

I’m working on your videos. I find them informative, very well structured and… really inspiring. Your work and your lessons increases my interest in photography, that is in trying to draw with ligh the world arround us.
Thank you


dcartier says:

20 May ’13 at 11:19 pm

Masterclass indeed!
Joel – your work has many distinctive hallmarks, and you have committed an act of extreme magnanimity to have laid it all out for us in such a personalised and user friendly fashion.
The first few segments have already given me a permanently altered and newly stimulated view of architectural photography.
Wishing you all the best in life and art. With sincere thanks, David


Jeremy Sargent Just purchased and looking forward to getting into this along with the time lapse course! Hopefully two more steps towards being where I want to be with my LE work! Thanks Joel.

May 19 at 6:37pm


Loek Heijst Dank voor de uitleg in de video’s, Joel (en de korting); meteen even proberen wat toe te passen[email protected]/8754690370/


Correy Bratton Great class! I’ve already watched multiple times. May 19


Lee McDonnell You remember when you was a young boy, and xmas was only a few days away, the feeling of excitement at what Santa was going to bring you for being a good boy all year… Well, ive got that feeling right now… I’ll have to be patient though, as i cant top up my paypal account until Friday PM… Then i shall run home to download this bundle of joy

May 15


David Memram ·

I just bought and finished yesterday to watch all the videos.All tutorials are very clear and so interesting. All aspects in Joel workflow is so well explainned there. I would like to use this oportunity to thanks Joel for this tutorials.Thanks David

May 15


Wolfgang Trust · I have known your technique from other short tutorials but decided nevertheless to purchase this masterclass tutorials. Despite the discount it is not cheap, but for me it is worth the price. Especially your complete approach from vision to the final picture. Thank you Joel for sharing your knowledge and the inspiration.

May 15 at 5:05pm


The New Gold Standard in Fine Art PhotographyI just had a chance to complete this video tutorial series, and I got so much out of it. I was blown away by how concise, easy to follow, and comprehensive this was. Anyone pursuing fine art photography needs to master these techniques. I believe a new “gold standard” is being created right before our very eyes. If you have not done so, get these tutorials. I have not mastered these techniques, but I know the challenge will help me to grow by leaps & bounds.I don’t think most people realize that I have only had a camera since 2011. I had no real experience with photography prior to meeting +Joel Tjintjelaar online. I never had a camera as a child or teenager. Photography still has that “new car smell”. I marvel at what is possible with this craft. I say this because I know without a shadow of a doubt that studying Joel’s techniques and going to his workshops have helped me to advance in a way that I never could have on my own. These tutorials have given me the vocabulary needed to express myself through visual communication.I have so much more to learn and grow in my photographic journey. It has changed me as a person. For the better Not just my view of the world & it’s people, but my heart. I never want to do “straight shots”, or be a button pusher. I am only interested in creating inspired work that comes from my heart, feeds my soul, and serves the world.

Sandra Canning May 12 Facebook


Sandra CanningMay 7, 2013+1 G+

Hallelujah!!! This is a very good thing!!

Handel – Messiah – Hallelujah Chorus


Janice Nelson Am only about half way through watching, but for anyone hesitating, these are very helpful. May 10 at 10:28pm via mobile


Steve Sickels I’ve watched 5 of the segments so far — great stuff, Joel!

May 10 at 6:34pm via mobile


Ken Laffin got it 20 mins ago Joel just watched the landscape and just going to have a look at the next video — very good just what we need worth every penny/euro

Unlike · 1 · May 10 a


Athena Carey Oh Yay!! They are ready! These will be priceless to anyone wanting to take their BW and LE work up a notch

May 9 at 11:24am


Dominic Martello

Just watch video 3. I’m excited to retake this shot here in SF. The videos are very well done, enough info Imparted at a leisurely pace and not oversaturated for my f22 size brain. Now on to that 6 stop filter.

Dominic Martello

I just turned the heat on in my place Joel. Your video may be more effective than you think!


Al-Farooq Ezanee

Dear Joel, i just purchased your B&W (Long Exposure) video workshop and I found it very informative and the way you explain is very understanable for a person like me who are new to long exposure technique. All the best to you

Its time for me to buy filters – May 16


Gittan Beheydt May 16

Beste Joel,

Heel graag wil ik je bedanken voor de prachtige BW Masterclass video tutorial, de kwaliteit is verbluffend. Eveneens dank om je kunde met ons te delen. Een must have voor al wie passioneel met fotografie bezig is.



Conversation started May 23 May 23Sal VirjiHi Joel, Thank you for introducing the master class video, I really did enjoying watching it and learning a lot of new ideas and techniques from, really appreciate it.It was also a pleasure watching you work and explain things so well, you seem like a wonderful person and very down to earth.After watching your master class videos I did try applying it to one of my old images that I found on my pc, when free do have a look if you can.Have a wonderful day.Sal.


Mark Seawell May 31

Hey Joel! Love your videos! I’m about half way through!


Damn! You are a better man than me! Actually I could see you were not 100%. Video still rocked!


Antony Northcutt:


Recently Joel has released a new “Masterclass” series of video tutorials on his complete B&W workflow. Over3 hours of top class teaching, spread out into 16 individual video segments. Here’s a quick breakdown of the course content :


I’ve watched this Masterclass, a couple of times in fact, and would definitely recommend it to anyone that wishes to create the kind of images you’ve seen here. They are clear, concise, and a pleasure to watch. In fact the more I watch them, the more I want to get out and shoot !


Or read the complete review here:


James HoweMay 8, 2013+1

+Joel Tjintjelaar I’ve watched a couple of episodes and I’ve found it very informative, looking forward to watching some more!


Richard SaastaMay 10, 2013+1

A wonderful introduction to a whole new way of viewing the world. Many Thanks.


Dennis BerggrenMay 17, 2013+1

Can just recommend it! Have been watching all the chapters this week during travels and I can only say that I am longing to get out shooting and post process some images again.

Especially the chapters about your vision with the images and how you create more presence is just great and very inspiring!


David OrrMay 18, 2013+2

Just finished the series !! Phenominal tutorials !!


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