Do you want to know how I won the IPA awards 3 years in a row with my long exposure seascapes and architectural work, but you don’t have the chance to attend one of my workshops? Or maybe you want to learn about my proprietary iSGM method for creating beautifully rendered B&W images that covers a complete tonal range with high contrasts at the right places and with subtle tonal gradations between them? Or learn on the concept of creating “presence” in an image by defining edges and altering tonal relationships – this is THE difference between my work and that of others – to make it stand out from the rest?


Creating Presence
A. What the camera sees: The Empire State Building looks flat and has no depth.
B. Defining the edges and changing tonal relations to create depth.
C. What my mind sees: a sculpted mind scape.

Or maybe you need tips on how to create the beautiful minimalistic skies in my architectural photos? It’s my personal artistic statement that I can create ANY Black and White photograph that I have envisioned, nothing is impossible. You want to learn how? Then this is an interesting offer for you.

As from today, a new series of video tutorials on my complete Black and white photography workflow and also on my long exposure seascape and award-winning architectural photography has been released.
This series of video tutorials has been produced with professional videoproducers from www.Fototv.com (world’s largest WebTV about photography) and consists of 15 separate parts and a bonus interview.Also included are 2 TIF files with long exposure photographs so you can try out the Black and white conversions yourself. Check the Youtube preview below to see what’s covered.

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NOTE: This discount offer is only valid up till May 20, 2013 so be quick if you want to purchase this series with 2o% off.

You can buy the tutorial online here: FOTOTV Webshop and it’s recommended to click “update coupon” after entering the discount code to make sure the price reduction is reflected in the updated price.


1. Introduction Joel Tjintjelaar: International award winning Black and White photographer Joel Tjintjelaar

gives an introduction to his style of photography, using long exposures and how he processes them to

black and white, using his self developed method called SGM and iSGM.

2. Seascape photoshooting: in this part Joel Tjintjelaar takes you on a small trip to one of his favorite

subjects to show you how he approaches it and photographs it: the Zeelandbridge in the Netherlands.

From setting up the shot, to actually taking the shot.

3. Architecture photoshooting: Joel Tjintjelaar takes you to the city of Rotterdam where he’s going to

demonstrate how he shoots long exposure architectural photographs and how this subject matter

differentiates from long exposure seascapes. Get a look behind the scene on location how Joel shoots

his award winning architectural photographs.

4. Determining vision architecture: an important part of fine art architecture is to determine the vision.

Joel explains how he looks at architecture and how he interprets it in the context of Black and White


5. Determining vision seascapes: an important part of fine art architecture is to determine the vision.

Joel explains how he looks at seascapes and landscapes and how he interprets it in the context of

Black and White fine art photography.

6. RAW optimization conversion: before Joel starts the actual Black and White photography processing of his images he always

makes sure the original color file is optimized by performing a few basic actions in the raw file.

7. Masks selections: a very important aspect in Joel’s workflow is the use of selections to control

every aspect in his image. Joel demonstrates how he creates his accurate selections.

8. Curves tonal range: the curves tool is one of the tools in Photoshop Joel uses the most to control the

tonality in larger parts of a subject in his image and to ensure he covers a full tonal range.

A demonstration how Joel uses this tool.

9. Merging sharpening: in this part demonstrates a few basic functions in Photoshop

necessary in his workflow.

10. Finishing touches: a final part of Joel’s workflow after the interpretation and translation to Black and White is

to check the image meticulously for artifacts, noise and other unwanted elements in his photo. The

goal is perfection, see how Joel takes this aspect very seriously.

11. Presence – edges: In this part Joel explains and demonstrates what separates his work from other

work. It’s the concept of creating presence in his images by altering tonal relationships and defining

edges that will eventually result in a subject with depth.

12. Selective Gradient Masking: Selective Gradient Masking or SGM and iSGM are proprietary methods

developed by Joel himself to merge differently treated parts of an image together in a natural way and

to create subtle tonal transitions and depth in his work. While creating presence is a goal in his work,

SGM is the ultimate tool to achieve that goal.

13. Iterative Selective Gradient Masking: iterative selective gradient masking or iSGM is the same as

SGM but Joel demonstrates how incredible and very smooth looking effects can be obtained by

applying SGM in an iterative way.

14. Seascape workflow: in this part Joel demonstrates how he uses all of his basic tools and methods

in a complete workflow for the creation of Black and White seascapes. From start to finish.

15. Architecture workflow: in general an architecture workflow is different from a seascapes workflow.

It is far more time expensive and cumbersome than a seascape workflow. Have a look at how Joel

creates his minimalistic architectural images that stand out from the rest and have been imitated many

times in terms of style and look and feel by others.

16. Interview: an interview with Joel Tjintjelaar

8 replies
  1. Franz
    Franz says:


    I really appreciate the videos.

    All the chapters are very insteresting whether it is about on site shooting or post processing.

    It’s so far the best tutorial I get, and I read some books about digital B&W processing:

    -Vincent Versace
    -Harold Davis
    -John Batdorff
    -Leslie Alsheimer and Bryan O’Neil

    I won’t say that those ones are worse than Joel’s tutorials, this is simply that Joel videos fits perfectly my need (espacially when it cames to long exposure for landscape) and all the explanations provided are clear.

    However I would have been even happier if Joel have included a dedicated chapter on printing in black and white since I think that there is definitely something to do in this area.

    Another question is about how Joel generates its 3 copies of the same image (Highlight, Low Light and Normal). It appears that they came straight from Nik almost without processing.

    Do you some time tweek thoses 3 versions or does it came straight from Silver Efex proposals?

    Do you use for example from time to time color filters in Silver Efex or photoshop Color to B&W conversions tools.

    Great work, I will definitely take look at your future book.



  2. Lincoln
    Lincoln says:

    Hi Joel,

    I found the website, the link worked to the facebook discount page, but once you sign up and join the fototv website it doesn’t show your video. I’ve search everything, any advise can’t wait to watch the video’s.



  3. Lincoln
    Lincoln says:

    Hi I am having trouble accessing the videos, I would like to buy them but the link is not working, anyone have any suggestions?


  4. Lincoln
    Lincoln says:

    Hi Joel,

    I am sorry but the link to videos doesn’t seem to work for me. It says website not available. I have also done a search for the site phototv.com but nothing, could you help at all?



  5. Manuel Facal
    Manuel Facal says:

    I’m working on your videos. I find them informative, very well structured and… really inspiring. Your work and your lessons increases my interest in photography, that is in trying to draw with ligh the world arround us.
    Thank you

  6. dcartier
    dcartier says:

    Masterclass indeed!
    Joel – your work has many distinctive hallmarks, and you have committed an act of extreme magnanimity to have laid it all out for us in such a personalised and user friendly fashion.
    The first few segments have already given me a permanently altered and newly stimulated view of architectural photography.
    Wishing you all the best in life and art. With sincere thanks, David


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