New Video tutorial Exploring Vision – Pre-ordering has started now.

You have the gear, you have the skills and technique, you’re even extremely motivated and passionate about photography – now what more do you need to take your photography to the next level? Vision is what you need
In May 2013 I released my first video tutorial Black and White Long exposure Masterclass in which I guided you step by step through my B&W post processing workflow and share my tips and tricks for creating stunning Black and White photos.
That video tutorial has been received very well all over the world – you can read a selection of the reviews here 
While this Black and White masterclass video tutorial focuses on B&W techniques, this new video will elaborate on the Vision aspect and how to interpret an object, a scene or a situation in such a way it represents your personal and unique view on the world. 
By going through my own artistic thought process using examples of my own portfolio, this video aims to give you a guideline and ideas on how to discover you own vision, your own voice. 
Giving meaning and purpose to your camera and PP skills. 
Pre-ordering of the Exploring Vision video has now started and you can take advantage of the temporary 20% discount if you order it here during this pre-order period till the end of February 2014.
Here’s the promotional trailer:

Exploring Vision with Joel Tjintjelaar from Armand Dijcks on Vimeo.


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