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Next Level B&W Fine Art Photography

Next Level B&W Fine Art Photography

$ 99 USD

Product Overview

Black & white fine art photography has come a long way. The first transition was from darkroom to digital. As a next development, Joel Tjintjelaars, a pioneer in this field, designed elaborate postprocessing techniques to create authentic pieces of art.

Now, black & white fine art photography is ready for the next level: Joel has created a theoretical background and tools that take you straight to the result with much less painstaking Photoshop work. In this tutorial, Joel provides a solid framework of how to find the right interpretation of your image gives you a clear vision on how to approach your work. A masking service saves you hours of work to prepare the elaborate masks necessary for full control over your image. And finally, a Photoshop Panel that automates most of the Photoshop techniques needed to get amazing results when processing your images.


Follow Joel Tjintjelaar to the next level of black & white fine art photography and save many hours of work getting there.

Please note 1: The tutorial frequently refers to the B&W Artisan Pro X software for Photoshop CC2015.5 and higher, which is a huge timesaver when creating Fineart B&W images. Whilst the tutorial also gives you info on how to work without it, we strongly recommend that you should get/have the panel. If you don’t have it yet, there is a special deal available for the combo of tutorial and panel here

Please note 2: Due to the large file size we recommend a fast internet connection!

Product Background

Next Level B&W Fine Art Photography is the latest video produced in collaboration with FOTOTV.DE. A collaboration that resulted in one of the first video tutorials explaining and demonstrating in detail Joel Tjintjelaar’s B&W workflow called iSGM in 2013, that ever since has been widely adopted by many B&W photographers around the world.

Over the years, Joel’s B&W workflow has seen many new technical and theoretical developments to make it easier and more efficient for everyone, from beginner to experienced photographer, to learn and apply the ins and outs of Joel’s B&W workflow.

The developments of the last few years are on a theoretical and technical workflow level and are aimed at clearly articulating your artistic vision and bringing it to practice in an easy way. We think these developments are so different from my traditional workflow and approach that they justified extensive demonstration and explanation in a new video tutorial.

Another recent development that is closely related to the redefined workflow is the development of a B&W editing panel, called B&W Artisan Pro X, to support this new B&W processing approach.

To be able to articulate your artistic vision and give practical expression to it easily, we’ve developed both a formal and practical approach to creating artistic images that are supported by the Artisan Pro X panel.  This is explained in this 3.5 hr video tutorial, called Next Level B&W Fine Art Photography, produced in collaboration with FotoTV. studios from Germany.

The video Next Level B&W Fine Art Photography, explains in detail, in the studio, out in the field while shooting architecture and in short interviews, what this new workflow is about and how the panel supports the workflow. For the exact contents of the video, scroll down this page.


What’s Included

  • Included in this tutorial is:
    • 15 films in FullHD/1080p with a duration of 214 minutes (3.5 hrs).
    • A .tif file of the example image for you to work around with.
    • A PDF including the content description of the films. Scroll down this page to see the content online
    • A 50 EUR coupon for ProImageEditors “Black & White Fine Art Masking” Service.
    • A PDF with a description for ProImageEditors “Black & White Fine Art Masking” Service.

Quick Overview


Price: $ 99 USD


3 hour 35 minute video

Includes a masking demonstration


Practical B&W Editing workflow based on a theoretical model

The theoretical model is easy to follow and has very practical, subtle and elegant applications


Topics highlights

  • B&W editing the advanced way, using the panel but also the manual workflow without the panel
  • Learn about Figure-Contrast-Depth principles during post-processing and shooting in the field
  • Shooting architecture in the field with high-impact following the same principles as in processing
  • Learn about Maximum Point of Perspective and the Hero-shot-to-Detail-shot approach when shooting architecture
  • Interview with Joel to get more background information
  • Masking tutorial

Video Contents

Product Images and Videos


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