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A new approach to creating B&W fine art images

NEW: Advanced Masking Class Video

A new 5-hour video on a new structured masking approach and a new masking method to create better masks with less effort and help you make better masking decisions

Bestseller eBook

The best-selling and highly praised eBook From Basics To Fine-art, written with co-author Julia Anna Gospodarou.

B&W Panels

B&W Artisan Pro X v1.3 and Quick Mask Pro panels. Plus free 6-hour webinar recordings that go beyond the panels.

Videos -NEW

Just released: Advanced Masking Class Video – a 5-hour HD recording on Advanced Masking workflow and techniques

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Become an affiliate/product ambassador for our Photoshop panels and earn 20% off of each sale. [Learn more]

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Nondestructive and destructive editing in Photoshop

Nondestructive and destructive editing in Photoshop

Rethinking destructive and nondestructive editing in Photoshop. An article on destructive and nondestructive editing in Photoshop to broaden your horizon and to also consider so-called ‘destructive editing’. I’m positing that destructive editing very rarely happens, even if you don’t use the traditional method of adjustment layers. In fact, it might inspire you to think differently and enable more creative and subtle images:

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Creating 16-bit luminosity masks

Creating 16-bit luminosity masks

Creating 16 bits luminosity masks and half masks A tutorial on the creation of the normal (integer) and half luminosity masks in 16 bits for Photoshop using the Calculation and Levels method combined without loading selections.In one of my older blog posts from 2014 I...

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Photoshop Masks and Selections Guide

Photoshop Masks and Selections Guide

In this article, I’ll give an overview of available Photoshop masking methods, types of masks, the difference between masks and selections, when to use them, and a few tips and guidelines for better masking and less frustration. And keep in mind: a smart photographer/artist is someone who also knows when NOT to create selections. If you don’t need them and can solve it in an easier and faster way, then don’t waste your time.

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This article describes and suggests a practical step-by-step method for fine-art processing, purely seen from an artistic and aesthetic point of view without going into the technical aspects of Photoshop at all, as I firmly believe Photoshop skills shouldn’t be decisive. And I will try to demonstrate that you can actually do with almost no Photoshop knowledge at all to create high-end gallery worthy and award-winning prints.

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We provide some of the most elaborate and detailed free, and original, articles on B&W, fine-art and long exposure photography since 2009

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Together with co-author Julia Anna Gospodarou we’ve written a book on fine-art photography, black and white photography and architectural photography that’s already considered by many to be one of the best books on black and white photography of the last decade(s) by many renowned photographers and educators.

Photoshop Panels

B&W Artisan Pro is an intuitive and easy to use Photoshop panel for advanced crafting of B&W photographs, with powerful local adjustments features, designed by award-winning photographer Joel Tjintjelaar. With this panel, Joel provides an easy and quick alternative for his advanced B&W editing techniques without the steep learning curve

Video Tutorials

I’ve created a series of 5 video tutorials, in which I will demonstrate my black and white photography processing method that enabled many award-winning photographers, my approach to vision, my approach to color post processing and I will also bring you with me on location to demonstrate long exposure photography.

ND Filters

20% off of all items with code JOELT20. Together with Formatt-Hitech filters, we’ve created a Joel Tjintjelaar Signature edition ND long exposure photography filter kit with the most neutral Firecrest Ultra ND filters from 3 stops ND filters up to 16 stops ND filters. Available as circular screw-on or rectangular filters with filter-holder.

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Top 10 Photographers

Top 10 Photographers

I’ve compiled a list of famous photographers who have had a decisive influence on photography as an art form as we know it today. I’ve categorized the photographers in several genres that are considered fine art genres. If you’re a serious photographer…

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Tutorials and thought-provoking views on black and white fine-art photography. We aim to redefine insights, not rehash commonplaces. Innovate, not conform. A labor of love to challenge your artistic views. To enable craftsmanship, to inspire and enrich life with art. (read more).

My Gear

Although I believe that gear isn’t the most important thing a photographer needs, I realize that having good gear is essential for boosting the moral for any photographer. It can inspire in some ways, it can make it more fun at times when things aren’t going your way and it can make it more effective and time efficient if you can get things right in-camera instead of correcting it in post-production.

For a full overview of my gear click here.


Interested in joining a (private) photography workshop or mentorship? I offer all kind of services, included but not limited to: commissioned projects, online workshops, portfolio reviews and video consults. To find out more about my services please click this link. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me by filling out the form on your right or e-mail me directly on


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