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The New Phase One IQ3 Achromatic 100MP

A little more than a month ago Phase One contacted me about a new camera they were developing and came straight out of their R&D department. A brand new digital back in their IQ3 line-up: the IQ3 Achromatic 100MP. Back in 2015, during one of my workshops in New York City, I got the chance to work with the IQ260 Achromatic (basically the predecessor of the IQ3 Achromatic) and I was more than impressed. So of course when Phase One asked if I, by any chance, would be interested in giving the new digital back a thorough test-drive, I didn’t need to think twice. Today, Wednesday May 10 2017, Phase One officially released the new Achromatic back to the rest of the world. And it’s my pleasure to share with you my test results including 3 high resolution downloadable samples.