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All our prints are of the highest quality and perfect for exhibitions in galleries and museums or for the discerning collector of fine-art photographs. Prints are printed on the highest quality fine-art papers and printed with the best fine-art printers by professionals. Each print is personally and manually checked by the artist himself. We mostly use Baryta type fine-art papers such as Hahnemuhle and Canson. Only the best paper is good enough.

Limited Edition Fine-art prints

All fine-art prints available from our store are Limited Edition prints. Depending on the photo series, they can vary from a limited edition of 10 prints plus 2 Artist Proofs (AP) up to a maximum of a limited edition of 100 prints. The limited edition prints are size independent, meaning: each sold print, regardless of the size and regardless if it has been or will be sold from my store or via galleries representing my work, will add to the tally of the edition.

Each sold print, sold from our store is personally checked by the artist Joel Tjintjelaar before it is signed off by him. The sign-off takes place on the back of the print, with a manually created stamp with a unique serial number that matches the number on the holographic seal on both print and certificate. The number and edition will be registered on Hahnemuhle’s art registry website for reference and tracking purposes. Watch the video below to see how we go about our Limited Edition Fine-art prints.

Available Sizes and Insured shipping with track and trace

Prices per print include costs for insured shipping with track and trace all over the world. The store only enables 2 different sizes and prices per size. If you require a different size or larger size print then please contact me on [email protected] . Payments can be made with Paypal or credit card at check out.

Depending on where you are in the world, the shipping time on average is between 10 and 25 days. Deliveries in Europe will take substantially less time than deliveries outside of Europe.

If you’re outside Europe then keep in mind that your local Customs can charge you Customs Duty fees for the print if the value exceeds a specific amount. How much this fee is, depends on the fees in your country of residence and the value of the print. It is recommended to check this in advance at your local Customs.


Upon ordering and check out you will receive an email from us within 24 hours to confirm the payment has been made and that the order is being processed. In case the print has run out of its limited edition run and is sold out, your money will be refunded and you will receive an email from us. In any other case, we will start producing the print. This can take several days but usually not longer than 1 week. We will inform you of the status of the print if the print isn’t ready for shipment after 7 days. After printing has finished, shipment will take place and a notification is sent out to you that the order has been completed. You will then receive a separate email with the track and trace code. The actual shipping takes up a few days to a week when shipping takes place within the European Union and up to 2.5 weeks for destinations outside Europe.


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