Go for extensive in-depth learning and practice of B&W fine-art methods with the elaborate and highly praised book, or with the more visually orientated video tutorials that have inspired many award-winning photographers. Or take a shortcut with the powerful and easy to use post-processing panels. Or, go for the best of both worlds. Like I do.


Photoshop Panels


We create photo editing software for Photoshop (panels or plugins) that are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

B&W Artisan Pro X is a start-to-finish and all-in-one tool that automates all PS sequences for creating high-impact and high quality B&W photographs, without taking away the control over the artistic process, but instead empowering creativity.

Artisan Pro X eliminates the often complicated technical Photoshop sequences for creating outstanding B&W images. It is designed to give you full artistic control over the photo, according to a proven method for B&W processing that has seen many award-winning adopters over the years.

The method, around which the panel has been designed, guides the user throughout the process of creating high-quality B&W images using presets often replacing dozens of technical sequences in Photoshop. 

We provide an automated method, you, the artist, decide on the artistic look and expression. You only. That’s your prerogative, which makes you the artist, not us. The result is a personal and unique expression of the artist. Not a generic look or style.

[…] I think that these are brilliant software, venturing in areas where nobody, without having the resources of Adobe, has ventured since Ansel Adams. I think they are revolutionary.[…] 

Giulio Zanni – Fine-art photographer 

[…] I have so much more control than I did before in a very easy and intuitive way. It lets me experiment with different directions so quickly and easily and the panel is totally seamless in terms of its effects on the image. There are no harsh edges, it blends in very naturally. […]

Rodrigo Etcheto – Fine-art photographer / philosopher – USA [more testimonials]

B&W Artisan Pro X – Overview + Special FX feature intro

B&W Artisan Pro X Teaser – Dynamic Gradients features trailer

Artisan Pro X | Full Video Tutorial 1 | Salk Institute

Artisan Pro X | Full Video Tutorial 2 | Erasmus Bridge

Artisan Pro X | Full Video Tutorial 3 | Figure-Contrast-Depth Method

B&W Artisan Pro Panel for Photoshop Professional Black and White Editing Software

B&W Artisan Pro X v1.1.0 – $ 44.90

V1,1 IS OUT NOW – 19 AUGUST 2019

For the demanding and serious B&W photographer, the ability of unrestricted personal and unique expression and high-quality B&W output, are the most important requirements in the artistic process. At the same time, many artists prefer to avoid the steep technical learning curve in PS in favor of the true artistic process. For those artists, we’ve developed B&W Artisan Pro X, that virtually eliminates the need for technical PS knowledge but not at the expense of spontaneous and intuitive creative expression. Your imagination should be the only limitation.


Each step in B&W Artisan Pro X requires your individual, artistic input that contributes to a unique and personal end-result. It’s the effort, the dedication, perspiration, inspiration, and craftsmanship that goes into creating art that makes it a profound and highly valuable experience. Instant filters for a quick but mainstream result, deny all the important parts of artistic creation that make the creation an individual creation. They deny the personal journey and your individuality as a creative.


B&W Artisan Pro X is designed around a proven manual method of B&W processing, adopted by many award-winning followers, and does what no other B&W editing software can do with simple presets: creating dimensional and atmospheric depth using dynamic gradients (version X) and Joel’s method of ‘restore’ to shape the light (version X) with unmatched subtlety. The new Special FX adds even more subtle lighting effects to give 3D depth to objects. Local darkening/lightening or contrast adjustments are done fast and intuitively with rough lasso selections and presets. The technology under the hood has automatic variable feathering and counter-gradients (version X) to ensure subtle but accurate blending with adjacent areas.

Quick Mask Pro v1.2

$ 44.90


Create intricate base masks  (note: hard masks not ‘soft’ luminosity masks) within seconds with just a few mouse clicks. Refine your base masks fast, easy and non-destructively using the buttons under Quick Refine Mask to create the final mask. This replaces the traditional, labor-intensive, workflow of manually refining your mask using a brush or pen and tablet and zooming in a few hundred percents. To bring out the most intricate parts of your image, like fences, cables, antenna’s or even hair, use Advanced Refine Mask feature.

Quick Mask Pro Panel Software for Photoshop The Easiest Way For The Most Accurate Masking
Quick Mask Pro Panel Software for Photoshop The Easiest Way For The Most Accurate Masking

Bundle Discount Price

$ 70


Save extra with the special bundle containing both B&W Artisan Pro X and Quick Mask Pro, always with the latest updates.



A Bestseller, for a reason

“Outside of Ansel Adams’ Basic Photo Series, From Basic to Fine Art, by Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou, is the best book on B&W photography written in the last 40 years.”

George DeWolfe Photographer/Educator

“[…] It was at this point, around mid-2016, that I read a review on ‘From Basics to Fine Art – Black & White Photography Architecture and Beyond’, an e-book co-written by the renowned photographers Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou. I bought the book and read it over and over. It proved to be a turning point in my photography journey. Up to that point, my editing was loosely based around a workflow which catered for making mostly global adjustments to an image. In the book, both Joel and Julia Anna outlined the benefits of breaking an image down into a number of carefully selected areas. Once selected, those areas can be adjusted and the result blended into the overall image, typically using a gradient mask. That simple principle was the foundation for a completely new editing process for me. It is now central to everything I do in Photoshop. […]”

Jim Graham, Photographer [more testimonials]

From Basics To Fine Art – $ 59

Our best selling product – praised by many as one of the best books on B&W photography after Ansel Adams’ trilogy

This highly praised and best-selling 424 page eBook that has been written with co-author Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar and has been released mid-2014, is focused on black and white photography, architectural fine art and long exposure photography, but it also covers other important topics in black and photography extensively. The book covers the artistic sides of black and white fine-art photography, but also the practical and financial aspects. Our B&W processing methods and workflow are analyzed and explained in depth in a practical hands-on way. You can read a preview and reviews on this page or go straight to the Fastspring webshop to purchase the book.

from basics to fine art black and white photography tutorial


Video Tutorials

A structured B&W method widely used by award-winning photographers

The B&W method of digital post-processing as demonstrated and explained in our video tutorials by Joel Tjintjelaar, is one of the first structured and systematic methods for ultimate control in B&W processing, based on an encompassing philosophy towards art in photography, that is now ubiquitous and in use by, or have inspired, an increasing amount of award-winning B&W fine-art photographers around the world. The same applies to our tutorials on long exposure photography.

Mastering long exposure photography video tutorial
Mastering Long Exposure Photography – $ 59

This comprehensive tutorial on long-exposure photography, including an eBook, will help you discover your own talent as a photographer. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced photographer, you will learn how to get the most out of your long exposure photographs while also avoiding many of the pitfalls.

black and white speed workflow video tutorial
B&W Speed Workflow – $ 49.95 > See Black Friday 2-video Bundle deal on this page for the same price!

This tutorial helps you develop the skills and tricks needed to create award-winning B&W fine art images. It’s a method that I’ve used on all my photos exclusively since 2009 and is in use by many award-winning photographers worldwide with slight variations. This method integrates the use of luminosity masks to isolate and control every element in a photo. This tutorial demonstrates a processing style in B&W that enhances 3D like depth in objects that will make your photos stand out from the crowd.

B&W Long Exposure Masterclass – $ 99 / € 59 > See Black Friday 2-video Bundle deal on this page for $49.95!

This tutorial guides you step-by-step through my digital B&W workflow using my self-developed method of iterative Selective Gradient Masking (iSGM). This method is the predecessor of the B&W Speed workflow (iSGM2.0) but gives a good basis for that newer workflow. At the same time, this video gives you a look at how I approach architectural and landscape photography using long exposure techniques out in the field. The method gives full control over every element in a B&W photograph.

black and white long exposure masterclass video tutorial
Fine Art Color Workflow – $ 59

I have spent the past year developing my own personal way of processing color images inspired by the often limited color palettes of old master painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer and fine-art photographers like David Burdeny. In this new video tutorial, I’m sharing my fine art color workflow for the first time to the public.

fine art color workflow post processing video tutorial
exploring vision mastering the creative process video tutorial
Exploring Vision – $ 79

I have spent the past year developing my own personal way of processing color images inspired by the often limited color palettes of old master painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer and fine-art photographers like David Burdeny. In this new video tutorial, I’m sharing my fine art color workflow for the first time to the public.

Receive a discount when buying a video bundle tutorial
Bundle Discount

We offer a bundle discount when buying the B&W Long Exposure Masterclass and the B&W Speed Workflow videos.

There is also a discount available when buying the Fine Art Color Workflow and the Exploring Vision videos.

Speed Workflow & Masterclass Bundle – $ 149.90 – 49.95

NOVEMBERSPECIAL: $ 49,95! This download bundle includes the Long Exposure Black & White Workflow Masterclass and the Speed Workflow. Purchase this bundle and get the full Joel Tjintjelaar Black & White Workflow. 25 videotutorials included.

Masterclass Preview

Speedworkflow Preview



joel tjintjelaar firecrest neutral density long exposure signature edition kit

ND Filters – permanent 10% off with code: BWVISION10


The revised Formatt-Hitech “Firecrest Long Exposure Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition” kit#1 and kit#2, featuring the brand new Firecrest ND filters and New Filter Holder light leakage proof set with integrated polarizer filter. These filters are extremely neutral and ultra thin. With the new 13- and 16-stops ND filters, stacking filters is no longer needed – effectively eleminating vignetting problems. There are two kits, each containing three filters. Kit#1 comes with a ND 0.9 (3 stops), ND 2.4 (6 stops) and a ND 3.0 (10 stops). And kit#2 comes with a ND 3.0 (10 stops), ND 3.9 (13 stops) and a ND 4.8 (16 stops). Both kits are available in either circular or rectangular format. The rectangular kit comes also with the new filter-holder (light-leakage proof with end-caps) and integrated polarizer filter. For more info on the signature edition kits, click here.


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