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Quick mask pro panel for photoshop masking software

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Quick Mask Pro 2022 (UXP)

What’s New in Quick Mask Pro 2022 for UXP

Quick Mask Pro UXP is the latest evolution of Quick Mask Pro launched in 2017 for the creation of hard masks in Photoshop with considerable improvements. Basemasks have improved so much with this new version that we built from the ground up, that the correct zone selection has become less critical.

The latest UXP version uses Adobe Photoshop’s AI technology behind the scenes and combines that with Joel Tjintjelaar’s self-developed Advanced Masking Techniques to improve the accuracy of hard masks generated by Photoshop.

Product Overview Quick Mask Pro 2022 For UXP 

Just like the old version released in 2017, the main objective of the panel remained the same: quick and accurate masking without a brush or pen tool, but with a few clicks on a preset. Apart from that and as mentioned above, the panel has improved considerably since then and is now using Adobe’s AI technology in the background to detect objects/ subjects. This is now combined efficiently with Joel Tjintjelaar’s Advanced Masking techniques for masks that in many aspects improve, sometimes considerably, on the masks generated by Adobe Photoshop’s AI technology.

A quick overview of what is new in Quick Mask Pro 2022 for UXP:

  • Use Adobe’s AI technology behind the scenes for drastically improved hard masks
  • Click-and-create subject/object masks: identify the object to select, click and then modify if needed
  • In total 50 different hard mask variations for object masks in 1 photo
  • Click-and-create accurate sky masks: Click and go for 5 different sky mask variations. Modify with a few clicks to optimize if needed.
  • Wide range or tight range mask options: use wide range to include more translucent details like feathers or fur. Use tight-range for normal ‘hard’ outlines
  • No Blend and Partial Blend options: use no blend if all edges need to be hard, or partial (auto) blend if only objects intersecting with the sky need hard edges, but soft edges when intersecting with adjacent objects for smooth blending when editing
  • Simple to Advanced Refine masks options: from simple 1-click refinement presets to advanced refinement presets for challenging optimizations.
  • Luminosity masks presets to automatically create (and delete) in total 65 different luminosity masks for a photo are of course included.


  • Photoshop V22.0 and higher
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Compatible with Apple Silicon M1 and M2 computers
  • Compatible with AMD/ Intel-based computers
  • Make sure that your computer can run the latest Photoshop version. See also Adobe’s website for specifics.

What’s Included

  • The Quick Mask Pro Panel.
  • Free technical updates.
  • Installation instructions manual and video.
  • Quick Reference Guide via the Knowledge Hub. Or Click Here to download.

Quick Overview


Price: $ 44.99


Integrates Adobe's AI technology in the background for improved masking


50 ways to make accurate masks and 5 Sky Masks


Auto Subject Detect or Manual Object Detect for advanced masks


Unique and advanced proprietary method of masking – click and mask


Advanced Refine Mask for bringing back lost details


Quick Refine Mask for accurate darkening/lightening


New Refine Mask-in-mask method for accurate and effective fine-tuning


New partial blending option for blending with adjacent objects


New Wide-range and Tight-range options to cover translucent details or concrete objects


Low-level skill entry level


Instantly accessible basic keys


Luminosity Masks


Product Images and Videos


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