*EDITORIAL NOTE JULY 21, 2020* The 3 classes are already carried out but the studio-recorded version of the class without an audience and in HD quality is out now on 5-hour video. More info here. 

Scroll down the page to see some testimonials from the first 3 live Webinar classes.

I'm happy to announce an online Advanced Masking Class via Zoom on the two dates that follow below. But note the following 'This is not' first.


  • A class where you learn to use basic Photoshop selection tools, such as the pen tool or polygonal tool. For that, there are plenty of other online classes on the Internet but I will briefly highlight those basic and more traditional tools and I'll be using them in combination with my methods during the class
  • A class about how to use the Quick Mask pro panel. For this QMP panel, there will be a free interactive class that will be announced in June


Class 1 will be held on Sunday June 7 at 4pm CET (Amsterdam) / 7am PDT (LA) / 10am EDT (NYC) and will take approx. 2.5 hrs via Zoom. The class will be recorded and all paying attendees will be able to download the recording without any additional costs, 1 day after the class has finished. You will also get the files to practice along during the class.

The cost for this class is $100 USD

Class 2 will be held on Sunday June 14 at 2pm CET (Amsterdam) / 5am PDT (LA)  / 8am EDT (NYC) / 10pm Melbourne / 9pm Tokyo and will take approx. 2.5 hrs via Zoom. Also, this class will be recorded and all paying attendees will be able to download the recording without any additional costs, 1 day after the class has finished. You will also get the files to practice along during the class.

The cost for this class is $100 USD

*New 3rd class added with very limited attendance

Class 3 will be held on Sunday July 5 at 4pm CET (Amsterdam) / 7am PDT (LA)  / 10am EDT (NYC) and will take approx. 3 hrs via Zoom. Also, this class will be recorded and all paying attendees will be able to download the recording without any additional costs, 1 day after the class has finished. You will also get the files to practice along during the class.

The cost for this class is $100 USD

Video recordings

There were several requests if I will also make the recording available against a fee if one can't attend the class. At this moment it's very unsure if I make this recording available as a paid video as this depends highly on the final recording quality. I'll make that decision after the sessions have finished.


Via filling out the form below and making a payment with Paypal or Creditcard. Registration will only count as a formal registration when also a payment has been made. The count of the max number of registrations will be based on the actual payments. Therefore it is recommended to pay first and then fill out the form if you want to be sure you're enrolled in the preferred class. Please ensure the email address and/or name to enter can be traced back to the contact details when making the payment.

Since I like to keep the classes smaller than 30 people per class (with a possible exception for the class on June 7, 2010), I will try to keep a strict limit of max 65 students spread out over both classes. Everyone on the list of interested people will get the first chance to sign up for the classes.

If a class is full you will see that automatically and you can’t pay for that class anymore.

Workshop details

  • Price: $100 USD
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced. To ensure effective knowledge transfer for all, it is recommended to only attend this workshop if a basic to intermediate level of Photoshop skills and masking are present.
  • Seats: To ensure personal interaction and attention with each student, the maximum number of students will not be exceeded. However, it is anticipated that there's a higher interest for the class on June 7 and more will be admitted to that class (with a max of 40 students).
  • The workshop program outline and other relevant details can be found by scrolling down this page until after the application form.

Class June 7, 2020 - $100 USD *SOLD OUT*

Class June 14, 2020 - $100 USD *SOLD OUT*

Class July 5, 2020 - $100 USD *SOLD OUT*

All 3 classes are sold out and already carried out. The recordings of those live Webinar sessions are only available to the attending students. but ...

On 21 July 2020, I released the studio-recorded version of the Advanced Masking Class, without an audience, and in HD quality. It's a 5-hour video that's even more comprehensive and in-depth than the live version. More info here



Creating (hard) masks is an essential part of photo editing to control both light and shapes in every photograph. In this class you will learn to create hard masks using a new technique I've developed and a structured workflow.

Important to know is that this is not a miracle technique that will solve all your masking issues. It still depends on the quality of the photo, if it's correctly exposed, sharp enough and if it has acceptable contrasts to ensure that a photo can be masked.


The new hard mask technique I've developed is a contrast-based technique, like the popular channel masking technique, but is more advanced. I've called it the multiple channel gradient masking technique that allows you to create hard masks where the more traditional techniques are insufficient.

At the same time this technique is embedded in a structured workflow to enable the user to effectively combine it with other more traditional techniques such as the pen tool and the lasso tool when even this contrast-based technique is not sufficient.


Since this new technique and workflow are self-developed and to my knowledge, no one else is using this method (the combination of technique and workflow), the method you will learn in this class is for your personal use only and may not be distributed in any form for other purposes without my consent.


  • A laptop or Windows or Mac OS computer to follow the class online
  • Zoom video conferencing software installed on your computer
  • The invitation of the Zoom interactive Class. This will be sent out to your email address at least 2 weeks before the class starts. Therefore ensure that your email address in the sign-up list is your regular email address.
  • Photoshop CC
  • An automated way to quickly generate luminosity masks. You can use my Artisan Pro X panel for that or the TK or Lumenzia panels or any other tool that can generate luminosity masks easily. Or if you don't want to buy anything you can also download my free Artisan Lite panel here


  • Basic Photoshop knowledge
  • Know at least 1 basic Photoshop selection tool like the pen tool or polygonal tool and know how to use it with at least basic proficiency
  • Basic knowledge of the difference between layer masks and channel masks
  • It's recommended to read this article on my website on Photoshop Masking and Selections as a preparation


A testimonial from the first class:


Once again, thank you. You put a lot into this tutorial, and I, for one, got a ton of know-how from it.
The masking workflow is amazing, and the masks it creates run circles around other methods and 3rd party products I have used in the past … and I now don’t intend to ever go back to.

Best regards

 Martin Marchyshyn

A testimonial from the 2nd class:

Hi Joel,

All I can say is the Advanced Masking Session and the session on the Artisan Pro X panel have been the most informative and detailed learning experience I have had in respect of fine art black & white processing. Your commitment to attendees has been inspiring and your willingness to share your knowledge admirable. Being an “old fart” I do find technology challenging sometimes but you have given me a renewed impetus in regards my photography

I will be forever grateful 

John Harrington

And another one:


Thank you for another fantastic session.

 I have continued to experiment with your sectional multichannel masking method; it really is extremely powerful and leads to very clean edits!

 Now the ball is on our hands to continue to practice using your workflow, in conjunction with Artisan Pro. There is a lot that we need to digest and, although we can never aspire to develop the same level of proficiency that you have, the promise for becoming significantly better at post processing our images is very real.

Thank you so much for your teachings, Joel.

Jorge Perez-Martinez

A testimonial from the 3rd class:



Thank you very much for the excellent class yesterday on advanced masking.  It gives me a renewed sense of energy and confidence to shoot some more images.  Your presentation and the encouragement has taken me out of the “funk” I was in since the processed image did not always match my intentions; I see how easy it would be with your technique to achieve my intentions.  I can already see how some images from the past can be re-processed to bring out my intentions when originally shooting those images.

You were very kind and generous with your time.

Sucha S. Ollek

Refunds and Cancellations

Payments are refundable upon request of cancellation (except a $15 processing fee and the Paypal/Credit Card fee of 2.9%). Due to the short period of time between signing up and the actual start of the workshop, cancellations are not in full. Cancellations between May 13 and (including) May 22, 2020, are subject to 50% of the total in charges. No refunds will be issued within 23 days or less of notice before the workshop starts. Of course, there are individual cases and we will do our best to consider those cases.

No-shows are not entitled to any refunds.


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