Win One Of My Signed Off Exhibition Prints Visual Acoustics V – Calatrava Bridge, 100cmx50cm (40x20inch)

People who know me a bit will know that I occasionally give away things like workshops or prints. This time I’m giving away one of my prints that I’ve printed for exhibition purposes but that I haven’t used for the exhibition since there were some inconsistencies in the trim area and also one in the print area. You can easily cut off the part in the trim area and you will hardly notice the inconsistency in the print area. The print is a 100cmx50cm or approximately 40x20inch print of my Calatrava Bridge photo printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta glossy paper by a printer who is specialized in exhibition prints. I can tell you this photo looks sensational in this large format! I will sign it off and ship it to the winner, without any costs. To get an impression of the price level of this specific photo: the mounted version (0n 4mm dibond) is part of a limited edition series of 10 pieces that has been exhibited for €1200 or approx. $1600 per print. To be clear: the version you can win is not mounted on dibond but comes rolled up in a box and will be signed off. It is recommended to mount it on such material like 4mm Dibond.

black and white long exposure of the calatrava bridge

Visual Acoustics I – Silence and Light – Calatrava Bridge. The print that you can win (40x20inch / 100x50cm)

What Do I Need To Do To Win This Print?

Not much. Just go to either my Facebook post or Google+ post and write down there in the comments where I post this announcement why you want to win this print. Or if you don’t have any of those accounts then just write it down here in the comment box. Please don’t make it a 3 page story, a few words or lines will suffice. After one week I will collect all the comments and select the most original one who will win the print.  That’s all. Update: I’ve decided to add a consolation prize for those who didn’t win the print. The consolation prize is a live 1.5 hour video consultation with me in which you can ask questions and I can do demonstrations of my B&W workflow or how to improve your images.

Calatrava bridge print rolled up in the box

The print rolled up in the box.

When Is The Competition And When Is The Closing Date And Announcement Of Even More Spectacular Prizes Next Month

The ‘competition’ starts Monday September 1 and will end on Sunday September 7 at midnight PDT or Monday September 8 at 3am EDT / 9am Central European time.

If you’re too late or didn’t win then I have some good news for you: next month in October/November you can again win a large print from my Visual Acoustics series, only this time it will be a real signed off exhibition print mounted on 4mm Dibond, exhibition price: between €1000 and €1300 ($1400-$1700). To win that though you have to do a little bit more: You will have to write down why you want to win it and on top of that you will have to process a photo to B&W and answer a question that you can only answer if you are familiar with my B&W long exposure workflow. In other words: the answer is hidden in one of the tutorials (either one of the free tuts, book or video) listed on this page.
So since this is going to be an expensive print to produce and ship and very exclusive, you will have to do 3 things in this yet to be announced competition: 1) your motivation to win the print 2) submit one photo processed to B&W 3) answer a question on my B&W workflow. The best motivation, best photo and correct answer will win the exhibition print.  The second prize will be a free 2 hour live video chat with me in which you can ask me questions and I’ll demonstrate how to improve your photos for example. Third prize is a 1 hour live video chat with the same content. Again: this last part doesn’t apply to this current competition but to the second competition in October/November only! For this first September competition you only need to provide an original motivation!

Good Luck For This Competition! I Will Reveal The Winner Of This Competition On Tuesday September 9, 2014.


The winners of this competition have been selected. It was not easy picking a winner but I went for the winner that struck a chord with me and the winner of the consolation prize (a 1.5 hour live video B&W consultation chat with me) made me laugh out loud. I want to thank everyone for the effort they made to write a beautiful comment and if you didn’t win anything with this competition, then perhaps you will in a month with the next competition when you can win a dibond mounted exhibition print that has been priced for over $1,000 at a gallery.

First place winner is Henk Bijl who posted a beautifully written comment on Google+ that captured the essence of what I was trying to convey with the photo that you can read below and also can find here on Google+. Henk will receive my signed off exhibition print.
Second place winner is Yoshihiko Wada who posted a humorous comment on Facebook that made me laugh out loud. You can read that comment below as well and also here on Facebook. Yoshihiko will win a 1.5 hour live video chat with me on B&W post processing/demonstration/portfolio review.

Comment of 1st place winner Henk Bijl:
Dear Joel,

It seems so simpel to ask one to write down why he wants to win this beautiful and unique fine art photo of the Calatrava Bridge. I could write you that I like this photo so much but I think that would be to easy to become a candidate winner. So the last three days I had some thouhgts and thinking why I like this photo so much. I will try to tell you why it is such a beautiful and powerful scene to me.
This photo tells me that the simplicity of the construction is like an instrument with strings… Although no sounds can be heard I do hear the silence and feel the tranquility. It is the combination and interaction of light and shadow that represents symbolic birth, life and return to where we came from. In between there are the different sideways of life without any certainty.  So to me the photo tells a story of life and finity. This is why I like your fantastic and beautiful black and white fine art photography: it has always so much to tell, to discover and to enjoy. 

Kind regards,
Henk Bijl


Comment of 2nd place winner Yoshihiko Wada:
“Hi Joel,

I hate this photo!
If didn’t meet this photo, I wouldn’t never know you, and 
I wouldn’t take over 10hours for just making masks for my pic.
But you and your amazing BW works taught me that the effort would pay, and I did know it surely does.
The photo made my attitude for my photography changed totally.
My wife often says to me 
“How long did you keep seeing the same photo? You are weird. I love color pics!!”
If I got this one, it would make my wife shout up (I hope), and it would keep cheer me up during the daunting masking time.”


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