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News June 18, 2020: waiting list for possible 3rd Advanced Masking Class.

On June 7 and 14 I’ve carried out two advanced masking classes as interactive webinars. Due to many requests, I’m considering doing a 3rd and final webinar for Advanced Masking for this year. For more info and if you’re interested, you can add your name to the waiting list on this page

News March 11, 2020: B&W Masterclass workshop Dublin, June 2020> Postponed due to COVID-19

*Edit June 2020: due to COVID-19 the workshop has been postponed. The new date is November 2020. For more info go to the ExploreLight Workshops website

I’m teaching a pure B&W post-processing workshop in Dublin from June 12 to June 14, 2020.
To sign-up and for more information you can go to the ExploreLight Workshops website or read more below.

Signing up is only possible via the ExploreLight workshops page.

Keep in mind that the workshop is already filled by regular ExploreLight Workshop students, so it’s recommended to book your place fast if you are interested
in learning some of the most advanced B&W processing techniques you won’t learn anywhere else.

A B&W workshop covering some of the most advanced B&W processing and masking techniques

In the past, I’ve led workshops that were always a combination of shooting architecture in the field and B&W processing in a classroom.
In more recent years my B&W post-processing, and the artistic thought process behind it, has evolved so much and in very elaborate ways, that there was a need for a B&W post-processing workshop only to cover all aspects of my B&W methodology.
A workshop, for both intermediate and advanced B&W artists, while also trying to cover the photographer who is not as experienced in Photoshop.

For that reason, I’ve teamed up with ExploreLight Workshops who are very experienced workshop instructors and organizers themselves.
The workshop will take 3 days, in Dublin, Ireland.

Program outline

Peter Gordon from ExploreLight Photography Workshops, will teach on day 1 to prepare students for the B&W teachings on day 2 and day 3 by yours truly.

Day 1 is more than just preparing the inexperienced Photoshop user. It’s also meant to ensure that also the more experienced Photoshop user will get used to my specific way of working in Photoshop that is different from the traditional ‘adjustment-layer method’.
Not only are the workflow and PS philosophy different, but my workflow also relies heavily on very specific use of channels, layer-masks, and gradients.
On top of that, I will go into a masking method on days 2 and 3 that is a very advanced and self-developed method of masking that has never been published by anyone before. To be able to follow along, one needs to have some basic understanding of more common and traditional masking methods.
Peter Gordon will ensure you will be well-prepared for my in-depth teachings on days 2 and 3.

Focus on automated processing with Artisan Pro X panel but also manual processing

During the workshop, I will mostly use my B&W Artisan Pro X panel for processing demonstrations but I will also be demonstrating the manual (iSGM) method in case you don’t have or don’t want to use the panel.
Having the panel is nevertheless highly recommended because it saves not only a lot of practice and an in-depth explanation of effects that are characteristic for my images, it also ensures the user can do it with the same level of subtlety, in contrast, dark-to-light-transitions and in creating 3-D depth as I can do.

The level of subtlety the panel creates effects with is roughly equivalent to at least weeks, but usually many months of practice by more experienced Photoshop users.

The key differentiator in my work compared to most others is the level of subtlety in especially the dark tones and the gradations. And that, and many other specialized effects, is what the panel will do for you so you’re better equipped to start creating sophisticated B&W images right after the workshop without the long learning curve.

As many of my students know, I keep evolving my methods and techniques on a very regular basis, sometimes even weekly,
as I strive for perfection and efficiency in working.
Attending my B&W workshop ensures you will be able to get the very latest developments in my way of working and B&W photography in general directly from me.



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